The complete Sartana Collection (BluRay, Arrow Video)


I have only two ‘Keoma’, Scandinavian and German, but I did have the UK VHS at one time … and I’m not even that big a fan.

Lost count on how many copies of ‘Goldfinger’ … Super 8mm, various VHS and lots of DVD … still haven’t got the Blu, and now it’s been 4k 'ed ? :grinning:


Think I have three Keomas. I just recently got the Blue Underground one as I really wanted to hear Enzo’s commentary.


That’s only borderline crazy :crazy_face: LOL

(Andy) #125

I have two. The BU DVD with all the extras and the double feature blu with The Grand Duel (but it’s so cheap, does it still count? lol) If BU did a Keoma blu I would probably buy it.

I have something like 6 copies of GBU…almost bought a 7th. :crazy_face:


You can never have too many copies of GBU :grinning: and upgrading doesn’t count as crazy.


Just imagine if I had three copies of the soundtrack :crazy_face:

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Hi All,

I havent been around for a while but wanted to pass on some north american price drops at amazon, its down to U$49.99 on and C$77.77 on, so i had to pick this set up. No drops on yet.

Time to retire my wild east and franco cleef dvd-r’s :slight_smile: