The complete Sartana Collection (BluRay, Arrow Video)


Don’t you guys remember going to the cinema in the 70s ? … re-release and double feature prints were nearly always a real mess, scratches, splices, noisy soundtracks due to dirt on the print, and when it came to reel change time approx’ every 18 minutes the screen was like a hail storm of emulsion scratches - Most projectionists must have treated the films like crap and never cleaned out their machines.
So, seeing a few knicks and scrapes on Sartana 1 was quite a nostalgia hit, but the damage here is minimal compared to my movie going days. :smile:

(Sebastian) #63

I’m going on a business trip this weekend, that lasts a week. In the meantime, could a few of you finish the rest of the review? I can then take up the final formatting etc. duties when i return and then we can publish it

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hehe yeah I don’t mind straches that much… :slight_smile: both blu ray still looks gorgeous for a 50 years old movie that’s not really mainstream.

it’s just that Arrow usually release super high quality stuff…

I have around 200 kung fu movies from the 70s on dvd and most of them looks pretty bad with lots of green line and damages but like you said… it adds to the charm of the time and it’s nostalgic.

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Just finished watching Buon Funerale, I’ll start writing as soon as I can. If nobody get’s to Trade Your Pistol I’ll watch and write that one as well.

I just finished my review of Buon Funerale, I see Trade You Pistol was already done before I got to it. I’m super busy buy if I get the time I’ll watch Light the Fuse and pop out a review for it.

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Yeah, I did Trade your Pistol.

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Sorry that I haven’t been much help, work has been super busy for me. You did a great job on the write up by the way Phil.

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No worries. I have added the review of Light the Fuse now so I think we are all done now.

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Ok I will have a go at the page before the week ends. If any of you want to have a look at the texts, add things etc feel free… Proof reading is also always welcome :slight_smile:

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It looks awesome Phil, excellent as always.

I know I’ve said this a lot but I’ll find the time to help supplement the review when I can get some time. Work is slamming me right now but I’m dying to help out on this.

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amen brotha


Wow. I’m completely blown away. Sono Sartana Il Vostro Becchino is my favorite movie of all time, and when I found out about this release, I was completely floored. Everything about this collection is amazing. I’ve watched Sono Sartana and Light the Fuse so far. The dialogue is different on the Italian with English subtitles version! It’s better too! In my opinion at least. It changes the entire film! I can’t believe this got released. I really can’t. It’s like Christmas came early this year. Sartana lives!

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Ok everyone, drumroll please. With great pleasure, I announce the completion of our marathon review of the box, written by Nick, Phil and myself. Please enjoy:

And it goes without saying that those lousy basterds of you who have not yet purchased this box may forever live in shame. :rofl:

Edit: The article is ready for consumption, but I will revisit it later to add a few links to the text (movie titles, names, etc…)

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Damn :slightly_smiling_face:

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How this isn’t sold out yet boggles my mind…

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5000 copies is a damn lot though.

(Nick) #79

Wonderful work!

(Sebastian) #80

just a fourth of the number of people who like our FB page though…

(Søren) #81

Yeah but I don’t think all of them are hardcore spaghetti western fans :slight_smile: And of the hardcore spaghetti westerns fans not all elect to buy the set for different reasons. 5000 copies is really a lot for such a niche genre but I do hope that Arrow get them expedited sooner than later of course but I have a feeling that there will be copies around a couple of years from now.