The complete Sartana Collection (BluRay, Arrow Video)

(Bill san Antonio) #41

He made me think of grandpa Simpson at times. :smile:

(Richard Clemens) #42

Having just received my collection, I really am enjoying it far more than I thought I would. Considering my exposure to Sartana only came around February earlier this year, I think I’ve taken a huge liking to the character, as well as Gianni Garko, whom at first I had some difficulty imagining him in a Colonel Mortimer-type of a role, which he isn’t, other than donning a similar attire.

Anyways, I think this is a franchise worth celebrating. The sum of money paid for this box set is worth every penny, in my opinion.

You know what keeps fascinating me? For a film series that’s perhaps considered a B-Movie here in Northern America, it exudes cool, originality and creativity a hundred times more than a super A-List movie made on a $300 million budget made today. This comes from someone who has seen his fair share of movies on his journey to becoming a cinephile. I can’t help but love how witty the turnouts are in the Sartana films. Makes you wonder how unoriginal we are starting to become we can’t even try to outdo the charismatic astuteness of a film made five decades ago.

(Sebastian) #43

so where is everyone who wanted to co-write that review :slight_smile:


Here’s blu-ray. com’s verdict:

(Richard Clemens) #45

6.5/10? It should be a lot more than that. At least an 8/10.

(Søren) #46

That’s the average user grade and not the review
score which looks to be something like 3 1/2 out of 5 B’s. What I notice is that lt scores nicely in video and audio quality and that’s really the main parts.

(The Man With a Name) #47

The absence of the theatrical cuts is a reason not to buy any of the Star Wars sets for me. I’ll stick with the Laserdisc transfers and fan projects until George Lucas stops this nonsense.

(Sebastian) #48

He no longer owns Star Wars though

(The Man With a Name) #49

So, why no Blu-rays of the original trilogy? :anguished:

(Sebastian) #50

you gotta ask Disney…

Back on topic: I am already working on the review bits for the second part, so if someone whats to chime in and help out completing the article, there’s still plenty Sartana left to write about :slight_smile:

(Nick) #51

I’ve been busy with work and remodeling my house the past few days, but I’m planning on setting up a time to get my part of the review done. Hopefully by the end of next week.

(Phil H) #52

I added my little review of the booklet today.
If there is still a film no one is picking up let me know and I’ll happily do it

(Sebastian) #53

I have lost track, but we’ve got the first two covered so far, the rest of the article still stands empty, so it’s first come, first serve :wink:

(kevenz) #54

I’ve compared the German blu ray and the Arrow blu ray of If you meet Sartana pray for your Death.

both are the same print and same lenght but the print damage is more noticeable on the Arrow blu ray… it seems some filters have been applied on the german one to blur the damages.

Arrow first, Colosseo second:


Thanks for doing this. I was under the impression the German one was much better as it claimed to be a 4K scan as opposed to Arrow’s 2K.

(Søren) #56

But how does the German release really look? Filters can be the road to hell. Grain gone. Actors looking to plasticky. Colosseo had problems with this on their Requiem für Django blu-ray which was superclean but looked like shit. It’s the equivalent of polishing a coin. It looks shiny afterwards but all the finer details are gone. Scratches can of course be removed gently but is a more time-consuming (expensive) procedure.

(Søren) #58

If it is just one frame I’m sure it can easily be calculated by just looking at the adjoining frames.

(Mark) #59

Light the Fuse…Sartana Has Come! And no damage due to flimsy bubble packaging. I literally thought this day would never come until a few months ago. What joy!

(Sundance) #60

Looks to me like the German disc has had some grain removal done or just shitty compression. Or both.

In shots 2 and 3 there’s a quite wide area affected by the (line) removal. VanEyck mentions the roof in image 2 but it’s not just the roof, it’s the same from the top of the image to the very bottom (the sky, the roof, the horse, sleeve, ground).

Seems like something happening in the last Arrow shot though as well since the line disappears a bit where it crosses the rifle.

(kevenz) #61

I think the Arrow one is better… it’s more authentic… I’m not a fan of filters and noise removal stuff.

but of course the green line that stays for about 5-6minutes is a bit annoying I guess. (at around 1 hour and 5 minutes)