The Cold Killer / Uccideva a freddo (Guido Celano, 1967)

Man kills his employer for a grudge in the past and comes in handy he has a fair bit of cash and a gold mine. Sets himself up in a town and gets a good number going for himself. He is really waiting for the daughter of his ex employer to reach a legal age so he can get his hands on the gold mine.

The main guy is pretty much the title of the film…a cold killer, who shows no emotion at all when killing. But people find him a charming man most of the time. Think there is a touch of sarcasm thrown in for good measure. In contrast to all this, very jolly sounding songs are played in the film. Low key style film but the lead does keep you watching this one.

Two killings which are arranged as suicides and the final in a goldmine are
the highlights in this mediocre SW.

The best thing about it is that i had the chance to watch this very rare flic.
Many thanks,Amigo :wink:

Just re visited this one via a better vhs print. The main guy in this is so watchable. He is so sarcastic and yes such a cold killer aswell ! And a bonus for me the killer from Piluk the Timid one also stars, which I had forgot about. Really enjoyed re viewing this one, so lets hope a better print turns up one day for this obscure film.

Thanks to actor Luciano Odorisio this little known SW still awaiting 5 votes on IMDb is available on Youtube with Italian audio.

880 views in ten months so far, not so much when you consider that Ramon il messicano has reached 302.800 views in just over four years!

I really like this one. I watched it with Danish subtitles. Any other prints out there?

Just bothered to read this after posting. I’m guessing this is the best quality available for now. I think the Danish print is a bit brighter though.

Anyone has a VHS copy of this one for sale?