The best SW directed by Edoardo Mulargia

  1. El Puro (9/10)
  2. Don’t Wait Django, Shoot! (7/10)
  3. W Django (6/10)
  4. Shango (6/10)
  5. Cjamango (6/10)
  6. Brother Outlaw (2/10)

Perché uccidi ancora and Pray to God and Dig Your Grave I do not know.

I think the films of EM are very underrated. His films are all very solid and very entertaining. In my opinion, the only bad film is Brother Outlaw.
But El Puro is a genuine masterpiece. Great!
I think EM has unfortunately a lot of bad reputation.

Hey guys, has no one opinion about the movies of Edoardo Mulargia :o
Come on. >:(

Only viewed some so far. El Puro is classic stuff. Brother Outlaw is good average stuff when compared to the real crap ones like The Fat Boys Of Trinity :smiley: .

Have seen Why Go On Killing aswell which is simple but effective stuff…so is this part directed by Edoardo Mulargia ?

I have only seen El Puro and that was excellent. I would certainly like to see some more of his films.

The two films I’ve seen from him are actually sort of crappy IMO, I think he’s overrated.

It’s hard to overrate someone who hasn’t had a reputation at all. He belongs to the directors who made a lot of SWs without getting much recognition for it.

Overrated compared to some even lesser known guys.

Or maybe underrated compared to some better known guys …

Probably my least favorite SW director. I only like W Django.

Try Gianni Crea!

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:10, topic:2357”]Really?
Try Gianni Crea![/quote]

Haven’t yet scraped the bottom of the barrel yet :slight_smile:

I have only discovered him and his buddy Musolino recently
I knew their names, of course, and had seen some of their films, but was not impressed

I didn’t like W Django or May god forgive you … I won’t (Musolino), and wasn’t particularly fond of El Puro
On the other hand, that film had some interesting aspects, and I therefore start watching their work with other eyes; May God forgive you … isn’t a great film, but with the original preface (the meeting on the cemetary) added to it, it becomes a frame-story, which put the events in a different light. Then I saw ‘their’ movie (as much Mulargi’s as Musolino’s) Don’t Wait Django, Shoot!, which was one of those intersting genre cheapies, flawed double-flawed, but still a very nice little film, a pleasant surprise, so to speak
I’ve planned to watch, and rewatch, their movies as much as possible

My vote, so far: Don’t wait Django, Shoot (as interesting as El Puro, and more enjoyable)

His best - El Puro (by far), followed by Shango. Otherwise, his efforts are middle of the road for me, though Why Go On Killing? has an appealingly over the top tragic quality.

Who would hat be? Leone, Corbucci, Sollima etc. are all better directors IMO.

I think we must also consider the financial circumstances.
It was certainly easier for a Petroni, Tonino Valerii or Baldi to make a film, as for M. OK, almost all SW were low-budget productions. But in his films, we see that very less money was available. And then the films are in a very different light.

And he is not overrated in my opinion. His films are still rather unknown. Rather Insider movies. Even El Puro was still better known in recent years. Who knew this masterpiece before 5 years?

I should watch El Puro for sure.

You’ll be thrilled. Terrific movie. :wink:

I still don’t get the love from El Puro, i’ve seen it twice

W Django 9
Cjamango 8
Shango 8
El Puro 7
Why Go on Killing 6

I am not aware of what each rating means to every one here, but a 9 for W Django shows some uncommon love for SW with many comedic elements. :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s the reason I DON’T like W Django! I don’t mind SWs being comedic seriously but then it’s supposed to be in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way but W Django is just ridiculous