[Thailand] Triple X

Do any of these Thai releases have the original English mono audio instead of a remixed 5.1 version? The reason I ask is I have their version of “Kill Them All and Come Back Alone” and many of the sound effects (gunshots, etc.) have been tampered with and sound very distorted on my system. The Thai audio does not have this issue.

That probably is ‘digital echo’, it may help (a little) if you turn your surround system to its stereo mode (this is possible on most surround systems) or connect your player to a stereo amplifier (analogue)

Arizona Colt (Yay!)

Ben & Charlie

Massacre Time

More new titles-


Viva Django

A Few Dollars For Django

I wonder if the Massacre Time print is from the nice Japanese dvd.

Well I bought Arizona Colt and just found out it has no english options. >:(

What a bummer !

What other language options does it have?
If it has Italian audio, we could swap (this one for the WE disc)

Anyone knows how those thai dvds of “Ben and Charlie” and “Fort Yuma Gold” are compared to Wild East dvds of those [in terms of quality and running time]?

My Name is Pecos :


Hot damn, thanks for that ENNIOO. Gotta get it!
Hmm, no others selling it?

Triple X?I can just imagine some non spaghetti fan getting excited about these and than finding out that they are something totally different than they were hoping for.

I am going to have to pick up Trinity and Price of Power.Does this label release any thing other than spaghettis?

3 more from Triple XXX -

They Call Me Hallelujah
Long Live Your Death

Triple X Film catalog updated.
I think it’s all there.

@ bladerunnerblues, they release more stuff. For example A man called horse, Five for hell, Inglorious bastards, Summertime killer, Sholay etc.

Has anyone seen their release of California. If so, how does it compare to the Franco Cleef release?

Good question. The database lists as only Italian and Thai audio …


Just ordered their Adios Gringo and Price of Power.

Where are you guys getting these Triple X dvds from? I see alot of them on Ebay but they ship from Thailand.Is there a US companey that stocks them?

Thank you

Yes HKFlix.com carries them. They are based in the US (not sure where). Hope that helps ITGIALLO.

I get them from Thai ebay sellers. They’re fast and reliable, so no need for hesitation.