Texas, Adios / Texas, addio (Ferdinando Baldi, 1966)

Apparently just the fact he plays a Sheriff seals the deal on the Americanism.

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I like the action and shoot outs of this movie, soundtrack is catchy aswell but overall it’s lacking IMO. There’s better Americanish SWs and Baldi made far better SWs than this one. The Arrow release is a nice addition to the collection though!

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Well, you had the SWs that were basically copy and paste American westerns, this one is very in between. Maybe that’s what he meant when he said the only SW, since this one fits the Italian style. Who knows.

Well, Nero was also in The Tramplers, but then not as the lead.

But Texas Adios is apart from the rather idiotic beginning mostly a typical Spag. Also typical for a Spag which has several problems with copying the Leone style.

Is this one worth my time? I presume Texas Adios is better.

That random shootout in the streets?

It is simple film, but it is more coherent than Texas Adios or the similar I crudeli. Recommended for those who have watched already over 100 Spags. :wink:

Yes, it looks ridiculous. But actually the whole beginning is badly made and quite cheesy. The film gets better when they leave Texas and enter Mexico. At that point it becomes a SW, so the title makes more sense than expected.
Hmm … recommended for those who have watched already over 100 Spags.

Marketed in Germany as a Django film this one was quite successful, just like Massacre Time. According to the available data Django and the 2 fake Djangos sold about 2 mio tickets each. Even the third fake Django with Nero, which was not even a western (that Carmen film set in Spain), sold about 1 mio, and was with that probably one of the most successful Spags (if viewed as a Spag) in Germany. Unfortunately infos are a bit sparse. But Leone’s FaFDM sold in those years about 2,25 mio, and it seems that the 2 other films of the dollar trilogy sold less than 2 mio.

More successful was the US Western The Professionals (1966) with 3,75 mio admissions. And also most of the Winnetou films.
Winnetou 1 sold in 1962 about 10 mio, and The Treasure in the Silver Lake even more, maybe much more. In 1965 with Winnetou 3 the series was down to 4,5 mio (overall the 6th Winnetou film), still impressive for a western in the 60s.

I planned to rewatch it this weekend or maybe in the course of next week. Haven’t seen it in quite a while and wonder how it will look and feel today, after watching those proverbial ‘more than 100 spaghetti westerns’.

My entertainometer gave both (this one and the Tramplers) a 4/10, which means they are watchable, not boring, but also far from remarkable.
Checking my excel list 4/10 means I have watched 145 more entertaining Spags, and at the least over 50 similar ones.

The forum is via the top 20 voting more favourable towards Texas Adios, in the main list it is at present at # 73.

The film is rather well-known among those who watch spaghetti westerns and it’s also largely available, no doubt twice a Franco Nero-effect. This was a solid 3 star movie in my book (good enough, but far from great), but I might look at it differently today

Actually I also think the same film with a similar but not so well known actor would not be more popular than Baldi’s Hate They Neighbor, which is the better film for me, and is ranked at least at # 172.

But then, actors are an pretty important factor for the popularity of films.

I love Texas Adios. It has plenty of silly moments but it’s extremely enjoyable and one of the first non-Leone spaghetti westerns I ever watched on TV. If I remember correctly, I watched the Dollars Trilogy, then Django Kill, then Vengeance and Texas Adios in that order. It hasn’t remained in my top 20 like Vengeance and Django Kill but it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Just watched this again. Definitely one of the best spaghettis for me. Never gets boring.

This is actually one of very few spaghetti westerns that was aired on tv in Czech republic. Take a guess why. The great and always charismatic Franco Nero who unlike many other sw heroes was well known from other classic Italian movies that were aired back then even in Czechoslovakia (Yes mostly those movies critical of the system, justice and corruption in Italy) ! It is a nice little movie with good sense of sandy atmosphere, it almost feels like the sand is going through your screen right into your room. At least when I think of the movie I get dry feeling in my mouth. It suffers from somewhat simplistic plot that does not make the rest of the movie justice. Moreover it goes in circles in the last 30 minutes or so, it is like screenwriter was clueless what to do with the characters. The brother setting is interesting though. I might like the movie more than it deserves because of the nostalgia factor or I just like Franco Nero too much. After all there were not really many movies to pick from when I was kid. When I rewatched the movie many years later I was not disappointed. I could not remember much highlights and there are not many but it still shows the movie must have at least some lasting qualities.

Watched this one last night for the first time in ten or maybe eleven years and probably enjoyed it more than I remembered. It definitely isn’t Nero or Baldi’s best (IMO they go to The Mercenary and Blindman respectively), but I was never bored. The script is pretty basic but still enjoyable, and the locations, music and Nero are all great.

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Just finished watching this also and went through all the locations I could find. Great range from Tabernas to Tor Caldara.

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