Texas, Adios / Texas, addio (Ferdinando Baldi, 1966)

(chuck connors brother) #41

The one in Pistol for Ringo is my favourite fist fight, also like the one in California.

(Spaghetti Monkey) #42

Hmm, i remember not liking this one very much. But i haven’t seen it since i first got the AB set, should give it a re-watch sometime soon.

(Stanton) #43

Ha ha, and go to the toilet without stopping the film.

(Phil H) #44

It’s all about what the director brings to them to make them interesting. Plain old men hitting each other for no obvious purpose is instantly boring. Only worsened by injecting some slapstick comedy into the mix.

But a fistfight (or knife fight) with an interesting angle or added brutality can work really well. California has some good fight scenes and another that springs to mind is the final duel in 7 Dollars on the Red between Sancho and Steffen. But also the one in the dunes in Wrath of God and all that was needed to make that work was the interesting overhead camera angle.

In general though, find scenes in spaghettis unfortunately fall into the unimaginative bracket.

(El Topo) #45

Never saw it, but gave use to my DSX DVD

Strange film Nero sometimes looked like Volonté, I think I my call it a Soap opera SW, but I did enjoy watching it, I like Baldi films they never look cheap, the only complain it’s the poor acting (apart from Jose Suarez) and those characters coming out of nowhere (Sometimes It seems it was a Zapata kind of movie), and the sudden changes of the characters, but it’s well filmed and the main song goes very nicely with the film being a complemnt to it’s more dramatic feeling.
I thing those mexican gals are a little bit wasted, and the never ending firing colts really annoyed this time, but hey what’s a SW whithout a revolver shooting 20 times in a row.
Average stuff a but a very well made one

(natos99) #46

I enjoyed this film,

I didn’t think Nero was in it enough though to much of the kid but it is his character that helps flow the story so couldnt be help’d I guess

(Harmonica12) #47

I found this movie incredibly boring, I knew from the first scene I wasn’t going to enjoy it, or maybe that’s a big part of the reason I didn’t. I found it to be pointless and overlong, and also full of SW cliches which is fine as long as they are done effectively. Which they weren’t for this movie. Also the music was uninspired and the momentum of the movie was to much stop and start, which lead to a dead stop once the “twist” was uncovered. A very cliched, average representation of the genre.

(TheBigSmokedown) #48

I gave it three stars, but I liked it plenty. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it. I think I was maybe put off by the fact it’s not rated in the top 50 movies on this site even though Nero is in it.

The film was let down by some slow scenes and seemed to peak a bit too soon, when it could have built more tension. Still, it was a very good film!

(Stanton) #49

Don’t let yourself put off too much by this list. Several of my favourites aren’t in the top 50 either. It is at best a guide with which films to start in the genre.

(TheBigSmokedown) #50

Well, I will watch anything, even if people don’t rate it; so it’s not really a problem. I just wasn’t expecting to like the film as much as I did, based on what I’d heard (or hadn’t heard).

(alan) #52

I quite like this film, i know its not that popular but every version i’ve seen appears to be missing a scene (U.K release old + new, Jap dvd). When the main villain cold -bloodedly shoots aguy, and then throws his gun on top of the body, while in the background people are hung ( this occurs at the Hacienda ), this scene always seems a bit jumpy…I wonder if this scene was censored by Baldi himself , or maybe i’ve yet to find a full version .

(Hoover Valentine) #53

I’ve got the Blue Underground version. I think that’s uncut. Not 100% sure.

(sartana1968) #54

blue underground always re-released dvd’s uncut

(alan) #55

Thanks for your replies, i will check out the Blue Underground one, the bit i mean specifically is the guys getting branded this scene always looked a bit choppy…

(sartana1968) #56

i have also the texas adios from BU

(Hoover Valentine) #57

I’m pretty sure every Blue Underground SW is uncut. Most of them contain bits were no english audio exists and you have to read subtitles. But at least you get the whole shabang.

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Goodbye old Main Page, and Goodbye Texas:


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Scherp, you wrote about the first scene:

"It’s a rather odd, almost surreal scene that, at first glance, seems to bear only little relation to the rest of the film, but will turn out to be a key scene, establishing the protagonist’s character. "

Odd it is indeed, but surreal? And a key scene for the film?

(sartana1968) #60

5 stars for me!!! 8)

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:51, topic:152”]Goodbye old Main Page, and Goodbye Texas:

very good review sherpshuter! :smiley: