Tex and the Lord of the Deep / Tex e il signore degli abissi (Duccio Tessari, 1985)

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-I’ve had heard bad things about this film so I was pleasantly surprised as this is quite entertaining film. Action scenes are nicely done and the landscapes and the abandoned ghost towns look good. Cast is excellent as I couldn’t imagine any better actors playing Tex and Kit Carson as Giuliano Gemma and William Berger. Especially Berger is excellent here. Aldo Sambrell makes a good villain too. There’s some strange mixture of adventure- and horror film stuff but otherwise it is standard western. It actually has some classic Hollywood western feel because there’s so much indians in it which is rare for a spaghetti western.

Entertaining film with few strange twists. I also recommend this one to those who like to watch weterns with their kids as there’s no too much violence and no nudity or such things. Kids will probably enjoy the horror elements -which actually aren’t a bit scary.

Tex Willer has been popular italian comic book series for a long time already (1948-) and it makes me wonder why didn’t italians try to make Tex films in the 60’s and 70’s when there was the biggest western boom. Maybe Tex was too clean and traditional western hero for the violent films of that time.

The version I saw was a copy of a tv-broadcast which was unfortunately missing the title sequence.

I have not seen this one but my local video store has low quality VHS of this film. Is it worth it? Also, I read somwhere that this was only released on italian TV.

I just finished the DVD, and I have to say I liked it, too.

great score by gianni ferrio, really great humming theme
good production design, costumes and directing

ludicrous and relatively shallow story

an entertaining 80s TV spaghetti with a good touch of indiana jones and karl may if you so will. gemma is underwhelming, while berger is quite good. really solid directing job. i wish the DVD was better, the transfer and audio were just plain painful

This is another title which intrigues me, i just hope it doesn’t have the same trashy feel to it a la Get Mean.

Bill, your synopsis has me thinking that it’s a good movie and for that i’ll get a copy.

Ally told me there’s a good quality italian bootleg available. the German DVD (see my review, in german) suckx

Thanks Seb.

There’s actually a torrent of it on Cinemageddon, i’ve just had a look there.

I have seen your review Seb, but my german is not all that great.

Does the dvd have English subtitles?

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[quote=“Wild, post:7, topic:1164”]I have seen your review Seb, but my german is not all that great.

Does the dvd have English subtitles?[/quote]

not english friendly that DVD, sorry

That’s a pity, but thanks again amigo.

Just viewed this one, with the last viewing being in the late eighties as I recall.

Not bad at all and alot better than I expected with a few different kind of elements going on than usual.
Gemma is a bit older this time round (wonder what hair dye he used…), but can still kick some butt.
Berger looks a bit old and gaunt in this one.

Missed some of regular dubbed voices on the english dub, as guess alot of the original actors who did the voices from the 60’ and 70’s on the english dubs were no longer doing the work as either retired or dead.

As pointed out in another thread, alot of the later Spaghetti westerns had indians in, and quite a few of the early Euro westerns have to.

Tex e il Signore degli abissi; Tex und das Geheimnis der Todesgrotten

A Rai 3 tv-production from 1985 starring G. Gemma, W. Berger, A. Sambrell by Duccio Tessari (‘Una pistola per Ringo’; ‘Il ritorno di Ringo’)

Professionally directed movie that looks technically very good for a tv-production. Great cast, even though Berger and Sambrell are not instantly recognized (they have aged over the years). Gemma in the contrary still looks like Ringo.

Quite entertaining plot that, after about 2/3 of the movie, drifts from SW to Indiana Jones or something like that !!! That part is technically pretty cheesy, probably the low budget !?

Nothing special but nice to watch !!!

No doubt. This is a crossover between spaghetti and adventure. Those who read the comic books will enjoy it!

My partner in crime wrote some lines about it, here:

This one is just pure entertainment. Fun to watch but tries to be too many things. Western, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Buddy film, Mystery, and Action

Nice Tex’s commemorative TV report. Including interview with Giuliano Gemma:

[quote=“p.pereira, post:18, topic:1164”]60 anos de Tex com Sergio Bonelli, Claudio Villa e Giuliano Gemma - YouTube, those Tex drawings are awesome.

Indeed. I’ve got some books in my comics collection.