Testing SWDb 3.0

I think the tricky part will be to entice more forum members or enlist more staff in general to fill the gaps that we are now opening as this new layout makes visible the gaps that we have. It just becomes more obvious if we lack certain info, if we have few reviews, bad poster art, and so on. Otherwise I notice that converting the page layout is easier than i thought. the main items that cost time are changing the TMDb letterboxd etc links, trying different post art and maybe fixing a few other things that are bit out of the ordinary…

I’ve been experimenting with [[TABs]]. For the credit pages I have 2 versions. Check out the page for Death Rides a Horse (version A) and with [[TABs]] here (Version B). Which would be preferred? Anyone can chime in :wink:

  • Version A
  • Version B (tabbed)

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I like version B personally.
Great work by the way Carlos

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Finishing up the remaining of the top 20s for the new layout, will post when done.
Edit: done.

That looks great @Carlos! To actually see faces from the movie in a neat and organized way like that - even background actors. Its a lot nicer to look at than the bunched up list of names. I like B, too (with tabs). I could see that taking a while to roll out though, right? Or am I missing something? Don’t think I’ve previously seen a page like this before.

Thank you!

Yes, it’ll take a while :slight_smile: Fortunately I already have most of the cast pics saved, unfortunately they are mostly from inferior sources and need upgraded. I have been working on the films with credit pages already for some time, some of them are already out of date…

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@Carlos remind me to show you how to use bulk upload

I used it here:
12:21 (Upload log)‎ [Admin‎ (3×); Carlos‎ (12×)]
12:21 Carlos talk contribs uploaded File:Credit1b DeathRidesHorse.jpg ‎(Uploaded with SimpleBatchUpload)
12:21 Carlos talk contribs uploaded File:Credit2 DeathRidesHorse.jpg ‎(Uploaded with SimpleBatchUpload)

ah OK you found it, smart man :slight_smile: it’s not super convenient but once you know how it works, it works.

I recommend saying no to special characters in filenames, it will potentially make troulbe in the long run: no empty spaces, no underscores, no explamation points, just numbers and letters. Just as a tip for the future, no need to undo anything :slight_smile:

What about putting more info into the Locations section for each movie?
Maybe, similar to IMDb or a bit more info.
I would be happy to have a go!

yes absolutely. That’s what it is for. We just … need that info. I don’t want to just copy from the IMDb however (not least because it’s not always quite accurate) but add our own knowledge and info, make it explanatory, link it with scenes, etc. Feel free to add yours (I can create an account for you or just message me the info as a transitional solution for now)

Hi Seb, I have an account from a few years ago which still works so I have practised on the Cemetery Without Crosses SWDB page (This just had the ‘Almeria’ film location, with a link to the Category: Almeria page).
Should the movie scenes go in the same Film Location area or would it be better to link each location to a scene?
I used the editor option to upload a scene but the photo went into the Production and Business section so I removed it.
NOTE: I have little knowledge of updating these pages so if you get me started with the best way to add scenes then I can copy the process.

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No worries u can’t break anything:)
I thought simple like e.g. “Almería (outdoor scenes)” suffices. But we really don’t ha ve any established conventions for this so feel free to fill this section with full paragraphs, links etc.

Did a few more.

Here’s the blank template

we’re making quick progress, thanks so much to my buddy @Carlos here, but others are welcome to join us in transforming film pages :slight_smile: or even more important: adding info to these pages once transformed (including sub pages, e.g. more and better pictures, VHS information, trivia, comments, etc)

Alright thanks to @Phil_H and @Carlos we have made some great progress transforming a lot of the movie pages. We’ll continue with that work with the less prominent movies so that those on any lists or on decent BluRays are eventually transformed, and the rest can probably just be a side project (i.e. if someone stumbles across one, maybe take 10mins and upgrade it).

Which lets us slowly turn our attention to the other improvements (plus the side projects like the interview featurettes, etc for which we have separate topics in some cases).

Of course the invitation to all editors to redo their personal pages in the SWDb using my template or a derivative thereof.