Teasing, tormented and ticked off! 🤬

I know this may seem random but I need to know something from the community.
Have you had to endure constant torment due to your love of the genre? Particularly due to the age of the genre?

Not me, no. I guess that, at 47, I’m considered old enough for it to be understandable that I might be into a crusty, dead subgenre (I should add that, until I found this forum and the old sods already here :slightly_smiling_face:, I never considered spaghettis to be anything but incredibly cool). I’ve had one guy on a football forum once make some snide, sideways comment about how all westerns are shit but that wasn’t a spag-centric comment and that’s literally as much negativity as I’ve ever had.

Well I’m 35 and have be into the Genre since I was 17. But friends have always teased me over the age of the performers, the dubbing and etc.
It is the sarcasm that drives me mad. When my copy of Acquasanta Joe arrived my wife said “I bet the CGI is amazing!”
It is refreshing to not have it, ever!!

I don’t have those types of people in my life

Well, I don’t really have people in my life :thinking: :crazy_face:

But really, ya gotta be a certain kind of boring to make fun of genre films for not being big modern productions


That makes two of us. A lot of the people I talk to don’t even know what spaghetti westerns are. They’re too busy watching Disney+.

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Here is my theory on film indie v major:
Indie films can produce 5 star films on 2 star budgets in our case Fistful of Dollars.
Major films often produce 2 star films on 5 star budgets.


I have given up on a Disney dominated cinema. And Daniel Craig Bond films.

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In my experience some people will tease others about their hobbies, especially if you are very vocal about it.

I’ve been teased a little in the past, but it doesn’t bother me - Just enjoy what you’re into and perhaps don’t attempt to convert the naysayers !? … Really, who gives a flying f**k what others think ??? LOL not me :crazy_face:


You are right. I would like to enjoy my interest in peace though.
When I told my mate I had joined a Internet forum his reply was “Finally you have reached the 21st century!” His reaction when I told him it was a Spaghetti western forum was priceless though.
I have made the point that I don’t tease him for going to the opera and the ballet. Although it has been tempting.

I don’t know if you played the Red Dead games but it kinda seems like our time has passed. Still I’ll continue to watch and love westerns till I’m dead.


I’m not a gamer put I know the plot so I get your meaning. I hope that we can keep the passion for the genre alive.

hmmm…spaghetti westerns as a religion :crazy_face:

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Plenty of people think my interest in spaghetti westerns is bizarre but it doesn’t really matter what people think. I can’t imagine living a life without having an interest in something. Although I do know some people who seem to go through life without anything.

I immediately think of the scene in Day of Anger where LVC is telling Gemma he should call himself “Scott Mary.” Gemma says, “they’d all laugh at me,” to which LVC bluntly and stone-faced replies, “so what?” So typical LVC. That guy was a legend.

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I generally have associated with weirdos and weirdos don’t make fun of stuff like this. They usually find it interesting but I still never wanted to try sharing any movies with them cus I know even most weirdos won’t click with it.

But “normal” people who don’t have interests in anything outside mainstream are jerks about anything that doesn’t fall into their box - to quote Harry Dean Stanton from Repo Man

Look at those assholes, ordinary fucking people. I hate 'em.

I think also people don’t understand the appeal. They see representations in the mainstream of genre movies as “bad movies” that are fun to laugh at. They think we like to watch this stuff cus its cheesy and have a laugh. In reality, no, we actually love and enjoy these films, and very much respect them for different reasons.

While there are certainly some bad movies that are fun to laugh at in genre films, they are a fairly small minority. While I may call some of my favorite moves “bad” - I am not saying its a bad movie, but rather acknowledging that it is low production value, a lot of questionable acting, lack of sophisticated writing, etc, but the movie actually still manages to be quite good despite these characteristics. That in itself creates a kind of respect, since a lot of big production movies with serious cast, writers, and all of that still manage to not even be a good watch


Haha. People are into other bizarre/childish things. My family has noted my strange obsession with the west. Whether is buying western DVDs or Blu-rays to dressing up as some gunslinger.

100% agree with you amigo. It does saddens and angers me that there is less westerns produce, yet there is an abundance of CGI Superhero snooze fests. So long as people like us exists the western will never disappear. It’s in our blood like Franco Nero said.

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I couldn’t care less what ordinary people think about it. I find the reality shows and YouTube-influencers they watch is totally brain dead. I’m 27 and have friends that like exploitation movies so me liking SWs is not weird to them.

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What intelligent answers, proves the sophistication of the audience. :clap::+1: As far as modern films go the ones I tend to buy are smaller independent ones. More enjoyable than over inflated claptrap from Disney and WB.

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I am always willing to give new westerns a try, Fistful of Lead was entertaining.