Swedish VHS tapes

(Silence) #1

Pardon me if there’s already a topic… but I really like these Swedish VHS tapes! Got a few:

The Boldest Job In The West (Mariann Video Film)

Viva Django (Whalters Video)

Massacre Time (Whalters Video)

California (Din Video)

…plus one more film that I’ll add, otherwise I’ll go to bed now. Good night fellas!

(Bad Lieutenant) #2

Some nice ex rentals there :slight_smile: Good to see some VHS love. And why not, as a lot of spaghettis still lack a (decent) dvd release.

Here is the Video Tape Center back catalog I made in the database.
It’s not complete, but perhaps can be useful for your VHS hunt.

You need to get this one, silence. Best release of this Fidani masterpiece:

And here’s my other Swedish tape:

(Silence) #3

Thanks! There is a Swedish site that often has Swedish (Spaghetti) tapes.

(django the bastard) #4

My collection of Swedish Euro-westerns



(Silence) #5


Jag letar efter en Western från 70-talet av Roberto Mauri på Svensk VHS. Tror den heter An Animal Called Man på Engelska och Bill Och John - Västerns Värsta Odjur på Svenska. Vet du var jag kan hitta den?


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