[Project] Comprehensive VHS releases info

I never touched a spaghetti western VHS in my life, I am too young. But they’re out there, they’re being collected, and in some cases they carry versions that haven’t seen any other medium yet. In any way, the SWDb is still very bad at listing all VHS releases. We have become super super accurate and complete in terms of DVDs and BluRays, but now I think is the time to go back and fill the gaps. For collectors, historians and to not let the memory fade.

We should discuss how we do this, because I think the VHS pages in the SWDb don’t need to look exactly like the DVD pages, so ideas are welcome.

In the meantime, we can also search the forums for covers and info that hasn’t been added to the database yet, for example:

Who wants to help out?

Plus I want to acknowledge the work that some of us have already put into this, for examle @Meceita

Hm, I collect all kind of analog material and I have some hundreds of SW on VHS. 95% in German language.
Also Super 8 is an interesting thing. It was the first medium for home cinema and there are many releases out there.
But to be very honest…I doubt I have the time for constantly input. But if my help is needed or if there is an easy way…for sure I will help.


I would love to hear more about that aspect … I know Italy and Germany released a lot of titles in the 1970s, and as per usual the UK & USA lagged behind … When I was a young teenager I met a club of film collectors, who all seemed to be into films I couldn’t abide, Hollywood musicals and creaky old singing cowboy crap! :wink: Well, it takes all sorts to make a world.


I think the easier thing is to work a bit through Amazon etc and put VHS releases into the database just bit by bit, country by country, without scanning things from your own collection as long as decent JPEG files of those can be found online… but at some point it could certainly be interesting to go through the collection and check which of these are in there and what is missing

Thanks Sebastian!
For now I’m busy to add VHS releases for the Top 20. For the Eastwood films there are many releases to find. To start I focus on USA, UK, France and Netherlands.
What I can find, really depends on the movie. For Great Silence I only could find 1 Italian release. For Django I already found 9 releases.
So I think the most help is needed with the rare releases and the less popular films.
I give all the VHS pages the same lay-out. But of course it can be changed if there are other ideas.

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I only kept the Hilton titles from my VHS collection. :wink: If required I could dig these up and scan them, but they’re only a handful really.

There used to be a site called Kompendium, I believe, that aimed to be a complete list of German VHS releases, but I can’t find it. I did find the following, but the other one was more complete if I remember correctly.


wow these are some excellent sources

I have the Kompendium list as pdf still here :wink:
But it was a “list” not with covers.
On the RealCMV Website there are nearly all covers from the rental times but not from the later department store releases. But it is the best site in the Web for German Video releases.

From time to time I register the releases in OFDB, for example:

Concerning Super8 the field is more easy to overview.
If there is an easy not time consuming way to help with VHS/Super 8 information I am there :slight_smile:

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If it was easy, it wouldn’t be us doing it :slight_smile:

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I have a small collection of Super 8mm titles, which include a full length scope copy of ‘Johnny Hamlet’ (Italian Release) My only Gilbert Roland film … that might surprise @Hired_Peon ?



Roland is more the larger than life 70mm type rather than 8mm anyway. :laughing:

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Don’t know if I could handle, GR in 70mm … could be too mind blowing!



imagine IMAX

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Sensory overload !!!


I can help out a bit but I have no way of scanning the sleeves. I can take pictures on my phone though

That’s also the way I do it. A photo can be very good. For example:
[File:FFODVHSNL.jpg - The Spaghetti Western Database

A lot of material is already on the web. Easier to limit the scanning to stuff we can’t find good pictures of

Some asshole removed a whole bunch of vhs info from the database years ago and fucked ip a bunch of vhs label pages, still don’t know why. Me and others put a lot of work in that, back in the day, so that pissed me off. But I guess that is the downside for a site set up like this. But I’m not an idiot and will not do it again.

But here is some useful stuff, fortunately still available:

Dutch releases, scroll down for vhs. Some label pages still intact.


Key Video

Feel free to use my scans, from that particular forum topic, of course.
Good luck with this


I can’t remember this? Can you elaborate (or send me a personal message)? Maybe information could be restored, I wasn’t aware of this…