SWDb Spaghetti Western Hall of Fame

I’d now like to change my vote … sorry, Chelo … but after looking up poster artist, Renato Casaro … well there’s no competition !

So that’s Claudio Undari

and Renato Casaro :wink:

Fonda & Undari

Renato Casaro
Claudio Undari

Thank you, as always, for running this!

Henry & Fonda

Henry Fonda and Robert Hundar.

Fonda and Undari

Dana and Chelo

Your change is noted!

Undari and Cesaro for me

Count me in for Undari +Cesaro.

I vote for Henry Fonda and Renato Cesaro

Thanks for voting guys. Good voter turnout this year.

It was a photo finish, but this year’s SWDB Hall of Fame Inductee for 2020 is none other than…

…Robert Hundar aka Claudio Undari!


Robert Hundar January 12, 1935 (Castelvetrano, Italy)- May 12, 2008 (Rome)

Born Claudio Undari, but known professionally as Robert Hundar for much of his career, this intimidating 6-foot-5 actor translated his menacing size, intense on-screen presence and steely gaze in over 20 Spaghetti Westerns, usually as a villain but sometimes in heroic roles as well. He collaborated frequently with director Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent. After appearances in several “sword and sandal” films, he played supporting roles in Sabata (1969), Shanghai Joe (1973), and California (1977), but was often the first billed villain in many of his other roles. Perhaps his best-known Spaghetti Western role was in Cut- Throats Nine (1972), where he received top billing in a rare good guy role as a doomed army Sergeant. As the Spaghetti Western genre declined, he turned his attention to Euro-crime films such as The Cynic, The Rat and the Fist (1977) and other genre films such as the Bud Spencer vehicle Everything Happens to Me (1980). He also acted in Theatre productions and directed documentaries in a career that spanned 5 decades.

Year of Induction: 2020


Are we going to have an induction for this year too @mrchallenge Len?

Yes absolutely. I will wait until Mid January or February as it had better voter turnout last year.

Also I realized that the bios for last year’s inductees, Edda Dell’Orso and Franco De gemini have not been posted on the hall of fame page. Is anybody able to volunteer to put them in? Thank you!

It’s all done! Birth years for Franco and Edda are of course 1928 and 1935. I also added Hundar and pics to Sergio Garrone, Coriolano Gori and Iginio Lardani Wanted posters.


You are the best JC!!!