SWDb Spaghetti Western Hall of Fame

(Cat Stevens) #1205

…Also, you might want to tag Jonathan Corbett in that post too. He also voted for Gemini and Dell’Orso!

(Mickey13) #1206

Lead Actor: Craig Hill
Miscellaneous: Edda Dell’Orso


Claudio Undari-Supporting actor
Franco De Gemini-Miscellaneous

(autephex) #1208

Here ya go… just replace nominate with vote

(JonathanCorbett) #1209

There is some confusion, you did everything right!

(autephex) #1210

I think the wording is a bit confusing, or maybe I am wrong, but I think its suppose to mean that you can nominate 1 person each from those selected categories, for a total of 2 people with 1 from each of the listed categories

While with the other categories not listed, you must pick which category you want to vote for

(you can’t vote for both lead and director, but you can vote for both misc and cinematographer)

(JonathanCorbett) #1211

But rules for nominations were absolutely identical!

(ENNIOO) #1212

Sorry about that, will go for:

Franco De Gemini

Craig Hill

(El Topo) #1213

Sorry, my bad the rules are clear just have to read them:

Claudio Undari: Supporting Actor
Miscellaneous: Edda Dell’Orso

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1214

Apologies folks. I think I messed up. Everyone who voted for De Gemini and Dell’Orso can keep their vote as you voted right. You are allowed two Misc. votes.

Sorry guys!

(ENNIOO) #1215

No worries.

Will go for De Gemini and Dell Orso then.


(Cat Stevens) #1216

Thanks for the clarification, and for running this thing!

(morgan) #1217

Silva and Dell’Orso :dancer:

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1218

Hey guys. I’m going to extend the voting period. You now have until this Saturday at midnight to vote.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1219

Thanks everyone for Voting. The 2019 Spaghetti Western Hall of Fame Inductees are Edda Dell’Orso and Franco De Gemini, both in the Miscellaneous category. Its great to see their contributions to the genre recognized. And the voting this year was a landslide.

I was wondering guys, should we just combine the composers with the musicians in the miscellaneous category and just call it “Musicians”? Please let me know your thoughts.


I’d say yes to that :+1:

(autephex) #1221

Sounds good to me

(ENNIOO) #1222

Makes perfect sense to me.