SWDb Spaghetti Western Hall of Fame

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1185

Thanks guys. You have until 12 midnight to make your nominations!

(Phil H) #1186

Alberto Cardone - Director
Craig Hill - Lead Actor

(El Topo) #1187

My nominations after Phil

Director: Eugenio Martin

Supporting actor: Claudio Undari

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1188

Here is the 2019 SWDB Hall of Fame Ballot!

Lead Actors: Henry Fonda, Craig Hill
Supporting Actors: Luciano Rossi, Claudio Undari
Directors: Alberto Cardone, Eugenio Martin
Actresses: Maria Silva
Miscellaneous: Mickey Knox, Edda Dell’Orso, Franco De Gemini

Here are the rules:

  1. You have two votes
  2. You cannot nominate more than one person in the Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, Director, Actress or Composer category. Example: You cannot nominate Eastwood and Van Cleef. You cannot nominate Eastwood and Leone. You cannot nominate Eastwood and Morricone.
  3. You are allowed to nominate two people in the cinematographers, writers, producers and miscellaneous category.

Voting ends December 12!

(autephex) #1189

Craig Hill - Lead Actors
Franco De Gemini - Miscellaneous

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1190

Henry Fonda
Mickey Knox

(Phil H) #1191

Craig Hill - Lead Actor
Edda Dell"Orso - Miscellaneous


Supporting actor: Claudio Undari aka Robert Hundar

Miscellaneous: Edda Dell’Orso

(JonathanCorbett) #1193

Franco De Gemini
Edda Dell’Orso

(MMcG) #1194

Craig Hill
Franco De Gemini

(ENNIOO) #1195

Edda Dell Orso

Franco De Gemini

(Cat Stevens) #1196

Edda Dell Orso
Franco De Gemini

(El Topo) #1197

Claudio Undari
Eugenio Martin

(LankyFellow) #1198

Franco De Gemini

Edda Dell’Orso

(Bill san Antonio) #1199


Luciano Rossi (supporting actor)
Edda Dell’Orso (misc.)

The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread
(Piripero) #1200

Miscellaneous - Carlo Simi

I assume he’s been nominated previously?

Gets both votes.
With Leone & Morricone made a huge contribution to the uniqueness of the SW.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1201

Hey guys. Please read the rules above in my post regarding voting and modify your vote accordingly. Thanks.

He’s already in the hall of fame. Please see my post above for the list of nominees you can vote from.

(Piripero) #1202

Sorry - I read but failed to understand.
Got it now, but lack the will to vote.

(autephex) #1203

geez guys

get your act together!

(Cat Stevens) #1204

Apologies…I’m in the middle of grading four classes’ worth of final projects, and so my brain is a bit mushy. I only see rules for nominations, but no rules for voting. Could you point me in the direction of what I’ve done wrong? Not allowed to vote for two in the misc. column, I am guessing?

Thanks! Let me know and I’ll amend my vote!