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Does the Koch DVD have English subtitles? I’ve just looked it up and the database page says it does, but Amazon says it only has German. I’ll buy it if it’s English friendly.

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Hi, Bill.

Give me a few minutes (probably 20), and I’ll try and dig out the DVD, from amongst my other several thousand DVD’s.

I’ll let you know.


Thanks man :slight_smile: Don’t rush though i’m in no hurry :grin:

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I managed to dig out my ‘Koch Media’ DVD of ‘Fury of J. Kidd’…
On the DVD, you have the German & Italian audio…with English subtitles. So long as you don’t mind sub-titles, then opt. for the Italian audio.

All the very best.


Can’t thank you enough mate :slight_smile: I’ll get it sometime this week

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You are more than welcome!

Good viewing!

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Supporting Actor
José Torres

June 4, 1925 (Tocuyito, Venezuela) -

With his easily recognizable latin countenance, Torres enjoyed a prolific career in over 20 Spaghetti Westerns, usually playing a dangerous, poncho-wearing Mexican bandit or henchmen. Torres appeared in such hit films as The Big Gundown (1966), Death Rides a Horse (1967), Face to Face (1967), Any Gun Can Play (1967) Django, Prepare a Coffin (1968), Run Man Run (1968), The 5 Man Army (1968), Tepepa (1969) and I am Sartana your Angel of Death (1969). On occasion Torres would receive a co-starring role in smaller productions. Outside of the Western genre, Torres is known as a pioneer of film, stage and television in his native Venezuela in a decades long career. Talented and versatile, he appeared in his country’s first Soap Opera, received a Best Actor Award in 1960 at the Lacore d’Oro Neorealist Film Festival, and won a Lifetime Achievement Award, the “Ciudad de Huelva” at the The Latin American Film Festival in 2015.
Year of Induction: 2017

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Hey guys. I put up the bios on the main page. Can somebody please help me put the wanted posters?

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Done, for both 2016 and 2017 Inductees (Egger, Torres, Halsey, Lupo, Graf and Massaccesi).

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Awesome. you’re the best JC.

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2018 Hall of Fame voting is upon us once again! Time to nominate!

Don’t choose someone who’s already inducted (obviously)
You can nominate up to two people only.
One of your nominations must come from one of the following categories (Director, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, Composer)
One of your nominations must come from one of the following categories (Actress, Cinematographer, Writer, Producer, Miscellaneous Contributor)
So for example, you cannot nominate two directors, and you cannot nominate a lead actor and a supporting actor, but you can nominate a director and a producer, got it?

You have until Saturday December 2 at midnight to nominate…Starting Now!!

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I nominate:

Henry Fonda - Lead Actor

I think I’ve nominated this guy for the past couple years.

MIckey Knox - Miscellaneous

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Did you change your mind?

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Supporting Actor - Claudio Camaso

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Nope, just forgot to change it. I edited my post. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Thanks, you are allowed to choose one more form the other categories.

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Cinematographer - Francisco Marín

Performed DoP duties on A Pistol For Ringo, The Return of Ringo, Tepepa, Long Days of Vengeance and Professionals For a Massacre among others.

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Actress - Dana Ghia

Supporting actor - Frank Braña


Supporting Actor - Gilbert Roland

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Actor = Mark Damon
Cinematographer = Francisco Marin