SWDb Spaghetti Western Hall of Fame

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1145

Thanks for the nominations. Here is the 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee Ballot:

Group A
Henry Fonda
Claudio Camaso
Frank Brana
Gilbert Roland
Mark Damon

Group B
Mickey Knox
Francisco Marin
Dana Ghia

Vote for ONE candidate in each group. So choose one from Group A and one from Group B.

You have until Sunday December 10 at midnight to submit your votes.

Starting Now!!!

(morgan) #1146

Frank Brana and Dana Ghia

(JonathanCorbett) #1147

Group A - Frank Braña

Group B - Dana Ghia

(Asa) #1148

Group A: Claudio Camaso
Group B: Francisco Marín


(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1149

Group A: Henry Fonda

Group B: Francisco Marin

Geez I didn’t even vote for my own nomination Knox!

Choosing between Marin and Ghia was a tough choice. Broke my heart not voting for Ghia. She really deserves it too.

(Phil H) #1150

I guess I’ll stick with my nominations for the voting too.

(Bill san Antonio) #1151

Missed the nomination… but my vote goes to


(tomas) #1152


(MMcG) #1153

Frank Brana
Dana Ghia

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1154

Remember voting ends tomorrow midnight!

(ENNIOO) #1155

Claudio Camaso


(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1156

I’m going to extend voting by another day because it looks like we have a tie.

New deadline is Monday December 13 at midnight!!

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1157

The SWDB Hall of Fame Class of 2018 are:

Claudio Camaso (Not sure if he should be as a lead or supporting)

Francisco Marin - Director

(Phil H) #1158

I think Camaso should be amongst the Supporting Actor section. His roles in spaghettis were all quite prominent ones but always secondary to a bigger name actor. Can see an argument both ways though as he was clearly more than a bit part player.

Marin is definitely a cinematograher not a director though.

(Asa) #1159

YES! My nominees! FWIW I feel Camaso is a better fit for the Supporting Actor category; regardless, Francisco Marín is definitely one for the Cinematography category, I assume the Director nod there was just a slip of the pen. :+1:

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1160

Thanks guys. I’ll try to get the bios done next week.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1161


Francisco Marin

March 30, 1920 (Barcelona, Spain) - December 17, 1983 (Barcelona)

One of the more prolific Spanish Cinematographers and camera operators in the Euro-Western genre, Marin lent his talents to 14 westerns, including both of Duccio Tessari’s huge Spaghetti western hits, A Pistol for Ringo (1965) and The Return of Ringo (1965). He also worked on Tepepa (1969), Days of Vengeance (1967), Twice a Judas (1968), Red Blood Yellow Gold (1967), as well as the Spain/USA co-produced Audie Murphy vehicle, The Texican (1969). Outside of the Spaghetti Western genre, Marin worked as either Cinematographer or Camera operator on some 60 films spanning from the 1940s to the 1970s, including Even Angels Eat Beans (1973), The Wild Men of Kurdistan (1965), Street Warriors (1977) and Kingdom of the Silver Lion (1965).
Year of Induction: 2018

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1162


Claudio Camaso

January 12, 1934 (Rome, Italy) - September 16, 1977 (Rome)

Born Claudio Volonte, the younger (by one year) brother of the more famous Gian Maria Volonte nevertheless carved out a respectable career, starring in 5 Spaghetti Westerns, usually as a top billed villain. Camaso is probably best known for starring opposite Gianni Garko in Vengeance is Mine aka $100,000 for a Killing (1968) and 10,000 Dollars for a Massacre aka 10,000 Blood Money (1967). He also starred opposite Richard Harrison in Vengeance (1968). Outside of the genre, his best known role was in Mario Bava’s Bay of Blood (1971). Unfortunately his life ended in infamy in 1977, when he hung himself in a prison cell after killing a member of the film crew in a quarrel.
Year of Induction: 2018

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1163

The two bios are done! Will anyone be kind enough to help me post them on the Hall of Fame page?

Much appreciated.


So is that the actual story behind Claudio’s suicide? I’ve read quite a few versions along with Frank Wolff’s.