SWDb November recap

Welcome back for this month’s news from in and around the Spaghetti Western Database world. Or shall we say, a look back at Spagvember 2020?

For those who missed last month’s update, we now post announcements in the Newsletter category of our forums, which is set up so that everyone is watching that category for new topics by default (you can opt out of this using the “bell” icon :bell: at the top right corner of that category). So you should have been notified of this very announcement with the little notification dot in the forums itself - or via email :mailbox_with_mail:, if you weren’t currently logged in. This is our new way of testing a :incoming_envelope: newsletter that ties more neatly into our community. If it works well we will phase out our separate purely email-based mailing list which we rarely make use of.

Please do let us know how this works for you and what you think about it.

:newspaper: NEW STUFF IN AND AROUND THE SWDB IN :spiral_calendar: NOVEMBER 2020:

  1. :film_strip: #SpagvemberFest was a full on success this year with almost 20 people actively participating. Together we watched roughtly all spaghetti westerns - statistically speaking, and produced about 250 forum posts while doing so. There were some negative side effects as we have observed @last.caress’ slow descent into insanity… but nothing a shot of mescal wouldn’t be able to heal, and it might also be good against Covid (we wish him and his family well). See you all next year, and we’re now off to Deucember (thanks @WinslowLeach ). What we need to improve for next year: making Sapgvemberfest popular outside this forum, such as usage of the hashtag on social media.
    :arrow_right: Check out the original annoucement on Spagvemberfest or read through all #SpagvemberFest posts of this year
  1. :dvd: A never-ending story finally did end on a positive note, and in two ways. For those who observed it, the legal dispute betwee Arrow Video and Blue Underground had held up the North-American BluRay release of Django a number of times. On November 13 the companies finally announced that the dispute had been settled and the wide sale of Django, both as the limited edition collector’s edition as well as the steelbook (we list both with their details here) can resume. And suprise, Arrow also took the opportunity to announce a 4k UHD BluRay release of the film for early 2021. Unfortuantely there are only few copies of these releases at specific retailers, but at least they’re not longer legally in the gray area.
    :arrow_right: Click here for our overview of Django releases on BluRay worldwide

  2. :de: I published a few more reviews in German // Neue Filmkritiken auf Deutsch:
    :arrow_right: Toete Amigo
    :arrow_right: Eine Flut von Dollars
    :arrow_right: Garringo
    :arrow_right: Companeros
    :arrow_right: Amigos
    :arrow_right: Massacre Time

  3. :microphone: @LooneyElmerFudd has joined me in compiling some much appreciated shownotes for the great podcast that @Tom_B and @spaghetti_westerns are churning out every Friday 12pm PST. We"ll keep working on this podcast archive and of course we welcome anyone willing to contribute.
    :arrow_right: Click here to check out the show archive and show notes, and make sure that you do not miss the next show this coming Friday!

  4. :funeral_urn: Unfortunately, @Tom_B had to write at least 8 new obituaries of recently passed legends, who now reside on sad hill…
    :arrow_right: Check out “Cemetery with crosses”

  5. :calendar: The good news is, that our release calendar is in fact filling up now that the year is slowly approaching its end. There are a few highlights among the upcoming DVD and BluRay releases and we invite you to not only check it out but also alert us if we missed any announcements by home video labels from around the world.
    :arrow_right: Visit the SWDb home video release calendar

  6. :balance_scale: New reviews and articles that were published in November are:
    :arrow_right: Seven from Texas BluRay
    :arrow_right: Companeros BluRay
    :arrow_right: A Bullet for the General BluRay
    :arrow_right: If you want to live… shoot!
    :arrow_right: Django (right here in the Magazine, by our new contributor @Divy )
    :arrow_right: In the Bleak Midwinter - A Closer Look at Sergio Merolle’s A Taste of Death

Many thanks to all and everyone who contributed this month, in the SWDb proper, here in the forums, everyone who has emailed us, shared our posts on social media, listened in on the podcast or donated a few bucks our way. See you next month with a roundup of updates.


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