SWDB needs a tagline!

Any suggestions?

The Spaghetti Western Database – All spaghetti, none of the cheese!

maybe, but SW’s do have their share of cheese

Haha, I know… I think SWs have a lot of cheese. But I guess people would like to think they don’t :wink:

How about
SWDB - Where people hung up on Italo-Westerns don’t always get their rope cut.

“Forget viagra, try spaghetti!”

Cera una volta il web…

“The Leone Stranger Website”?

you’ll find them all here, the good, the bad and the ugly!

SWDB “… shoot the breeze.”

SWDB “Come, and Django”

Come to where the Django is. Come to spaghetti country!

SWDB: Where Italian cowboys come to die

Once Upon a Time in Spaghetti West

Where the legends live on (forever)

Spaghetti, Paella, Saurekraut, Gyro, Baclava, and some nice Kebabs.

Meaning Italy, spain, Germany, Greece (there was one), Israel, and Turkey.

[size=3]Where the legend lives on[/size]

[size=3]Where legends live on[/size]

[size=3]Where the legend lives on …
… and heroes never die[/size]

And if the should die …
… there’s always our reverend …

SWDB: Home of Dick Spitfire

SWDB – Where the 6 gun can fire 7 shots!

Filmrecensies net: Home where dicks spit fire