SWDB needs a tagline!

The SWDB - Once upon a time in the web and for a few maniacs more

I like the idea of a tagline for sure. Keep brainstorming.

We definitely need to grow (see the “spread the word” topic), a tagline might help

SWDB - From A Reason To Live… to the Zapata’s & every thing in between!

Here’s just apersonal tagline to describe myself and spaghettis. Sorry for being off topic. But hey,maybe it can be a candidate for the DB.

“It’s the reason why I live, why I breathe!” Thomas Hunter-The Hills Run Red

I like this one.

How about:
“Boy, them Italians sure learned themselves how to make a good western!”

I’m not sure about a tagline but I’m going to go out and get myself a tattoo. It will be a picture of a colt 45 revolver encompassed by strands of spaghetti…

Can’t say that I liked any of the previous proposals. They mostly sound a bit awkward to my ears.

Still, I haven’t a better one at the moment.

Grumpy ol’ Stanton, that’s why we love ya’.

That is a good tagline Korano.
How about SWDB - Where the Bullitts are never speeded up!

SWDB: Where Stanton bitches about Mauri
SWDB: God forgives, al dente
SWDB: Check out my gravel pit!
SWDB: Better fill up on bread…

Ain’t that the truth ;D

SWDB…The face of the Spaghetti West.


The place where old farts and young dudes shoot the breeze.

the SWDB: Where He Who Will Not Be Named Roams.

SWDB: Home of Django

SWDB: Where one bastard goes in and another one comes out

SWDB: See you soon I…I…Idiots


:slight_smile: a new front runner
How about SWDB - So many members, so little dialogue

Try this one
SWDB - Your last Django in Paris

I’d rather have some kind of SW dialogue

SWDB: Amigo you know you got a face beautiful enough to be worth $ 2.000

SWDB - My mistake…4 topics

SWDB: My mule don’t like people laughing

SWDB: One Gun, 6 Bullets, Too Many Gringoes