SW Bible: The Fast the Saved and The Damned

(Rififii) #1

Anyone else see this? I searched on the forum for info but to no avail…
Looks like the ones who released the Sartana set and that Vol. 1 set of half spaghettis…

(Phil H) #2

No mention of titles yet eh?

(Rififii) #3

Guess not…I assume it’ll be a lot of rips taken from other countries…

i just hope its contents got some rare titles (or at least rare for U.S) for Americans
as we rely too much on Wild East who we greatly appreciate…

(jlavaia) #4

here’ exactly what’s on the back of the package:

Would you trust a “Blindman” (1971) to protect 50 mail-order brides? Tony Anthony, Ringo Starr star. In “Minnesota Clay” (1965), Cameron Mitchell is framed. With Ethel Rojo, Fernando Sancho. “7 Dollars on the Red” (1966) buys you the yarn of a man who regrets finding his son. Anthony Steffen, Sancho star. It’s “Massacre Time” (1968) as horror icon Lucio Fulci turns to six-guns in the tale of a prospector (Franco Nero). With Hilton, Nino Castelnuovo. Van Johnson is President Garfield in the faux-historical “The Price of Power” (1969). With Giuliano Gemma, Fernando Rey. Klaus Kinski IS “The Beast” (1970)! With Gabriella Giorgelli, Steven Tedd. AKA: “Rough Justice.” “They Call Him Cemetery” (1971), and that’s funny! Gianni Garko, William Berger star. A rancher avenges his loved ones, Yin “Bounty Killer” (1972). Remo Capitani, Michael Forest star. AKA: “Requiem for a Bounty Killer.” What’s “One Dollar Too Many” (1968) to spend on a John Saxon comedy? With Antonio Sabato, Agata Flori. Steffen is “Apocalypse Joe” (1971), an actor who inherits a gold mine. With Eduardo Fajardo, Mary Paz Pondal. 15 hrs. total on two discs. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English (dubbed). Dubbed in English.

i’ll get it. i have the first 2. the Sartana set is awesome.

(Rififii) #5

Souds like a nice package…if this is the right list of titles…I wonder if their 7 Dollars to Kill will be in english…

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #6

Sounds like a great list of movies. I hope the quality is decent.

(Rififii) #7

Well the last sets they were just rips from other DVds with no remastering done…so Massacre Time I expect will be the same shit quality we have seen so far…


Well if Massacre Time is ripped from the Japanese disc the quality is not bad.

(Rififii) #9

Thats true.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #10

Or the eagles pictures release which is decent as well, although not anamorphic.

(Rififii) #11

So if they are all dubbed…you think they used the koch disc on 7 Dollars and dubbed it with the Japanese release…?

(korano) #12

I doubt they’d use anything from koch. Many of Koch’s discs don’t have English audio and even if that one does, I’m thinking that they’d prefer to use US releases or sources. But take my word for it that I don’t know SHIT!

(ENNIOO) #13

Time will tell.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #14

Franco Cleef told me that two of the Sartana Saga films were ripped from his fan dubs. So I woudln’t be surprised if we see a little of that here as well.

(korano) #15

Well, hope he doesn’t do any complaining. ;D

(ENNIOO) #16

Never thought I would see the day when companies use fan dubs.

(korano) #17

Hey, thisis the US. Where DVD companies could give 2 shits about cinematic art. Let alone Spaghetti Westerns! So only the shitty yet dedicated (?) companies release em’. Excepting Blue Underground which is quality.

But VCI best be releasing some major film noir shit here soon if they want my sympathy. There about as reliable as C’est La Vie! WHERE THE FUCK IS TIGER FROM THE RIVER KWAI!!?? EH!? :wink:

(Rififii) #18

Wow this confusing…I’m trying to guess what there origins are…I’m sure they will only use english audio to be more marketable…
What other Blindman would they use besides the koch (unless its a bootleg from the net) so the Seven Dollars to Kill would be Japanese release with english audio…hmm…The Price of Power will probably be the Shoarma release but I hope for the Japanese editon…Apocalypse Joe will be the x rated cult release and the Death Played the Flute and i Came i Saw I shot will be Vhs rips…

Like Ennio said Only Time will tell…

(korano) #19

They might have a concern about the strange caption from apocalypse joe X rated.

(Spaghetti Monkey) #20

Pretty sure there’s a way around the caption thingy.