SW antagonists who make your blood boil

SWs are full of memorable antagonists but which antagonists do you hate the most? Who makes your blood boil so much that it might even be difficult to watch the film?

I hate Junior from Massacre Time so much, though I like the film a lot. Everyone’s like “Oh, He’S nOt RiGhT iN tHe HeAd” but no one ever tries to stop him. His father lets him do horrific things and seems like he doesn’t care that much either.
In the final shootout, it’s satisfying to see Junior scared trying to escape from Tommy’s deadly revenge. Also "You can’t kill me, I’m your brother! Like f*** you man, you already beat the s**t out of him earlier and killed your dad two hours ago

Valler and that bi*** Debra from Mannaja: They’re just the worst. I don’t know the exact reason why I hate them so much, I just hate them. The ending of the film wasn’t satisfying enough for me because Debra didn’t die. In my headcanon, the miners killed her after Blade left.

El Tigre from The Great Silence: I don’t have to explain. He’s just a nasty bast***.

Sartana Liston from $1000 on the Black: I had such a hard time watching this film because Sartana was such a d***head. Also, Mama Liston was annoying too but she didn’t deserve to go out like that :frowning: This film was the first time I saw Gianni Garko and after watching his other spaghs, I’m convinced I’ll never rewatch this film because seeing an evil Gianni Garko again would destroy my heart :sweat_smile:


I’m loving the passion! :rofl:

Mine is any villain portrayed by Horst Frank. As soon as I see him show up, before he has done anything or said a word, I am left with an overwhelming desire to punch him in the face. Whether it be Malone in Hate Thy Neighbor or as one of the Saxon brothers in The Grand Duel, as soon as he shows up my interest in the film rises as I absolutely can’t wait to see him get what’s coming to him.

This may lead you to believe that I don’t like Horst Frank but it is actually quite the opposite. I love the fact that just his patented arrogant smirk can make me dislike his character, whatever character that might be, so intensely. That is pure talent.


@LankyGringo The name Horst Frank sounded familiar, so I did some googling and realized that he plays that one sob in Django… Prepare a Coffin! Guy definitely has the perfect appearance to play a bad guy

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Yes, that is another great example.

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I 2nd @LankyGringo on any villain played by Klaus Kinski and Horst Frank, both actors had that type of talent where they effectively get you to hate their guts as bad guys, especially Kinski. I’ve got to add Eduardo Fajardo to this topic as he could play some real nasty hombres you wanted to see get theirs, though I tend to associate him more with the bad guy you love to hate.

Claudio Camaso in 10,000 Dollari per un Massacro and its companion film Per 100,000 Dollari ti Ammazzo are excellent examples of a bad guy making your blood boil

A really despicable character for me is Jameson Brady played by Paul Muller in Thompson 1880. This guy acts more like a pezzonovante in politics rather than a robber baron, but he’s still a perfect slime ball

I totally get your feelings on Gianni Garko in Mille Dollari sul Nero, after seeing him play so many likable rogues it’s very strange seeing him play a villain, but to be honest, I wasn’t bothered by him playing the bad guy. I was quite impressed with his performance actually, and was totally invested in his scenes from start to end. My only gripe with the film is that Alberto Cardone spent way too much damn time on the screwed up relationship the Garko and Steffen characters had with their mother, unnecessary melodrama.

Garko was supposed to have played a good man gone bad in I Vigliacchi non Pregano, but I didn’t get that feeling at all. This one actually suffers from a too long third act.


I second both @LankyGringo when it comes to Horst Frank (with Johnny Hamlet being my favourite spag that he was in), and @makesthemovie with Claudio Camaso in Vengeance Is Mine. The latter is the villain I hated most I think in the entire genre. In a good way though of course, it made the film better and is probably largely why it’s top ten material for me.