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Okay as I emailed most of you, let’s find out which movies we want to write about. Let’s just post our picks here, and then see that we have 11 different movies.

when we’re done, then:

I’d say if everyone writes a short paragraph about why a particular film is highly recommended, then that should suffice. we’ll add a link, a picture and maybe some other nice things and then cross-link that page with a few others. just as a little recommendation list for others to check out. they don’t have to be popular movies, maybe we can present the one or the other hidden gem

I kicked off with Era Sam Wallach… lo chiamavano ‘così sia’. I’m open to suggestions.

wow! great job! I guess we can do it in a “first come, first serve” way and whoever wants posts his pick. I will wait until the end and post the 11th

edit: I added a Template:Staffpick (just like the top 20 template) that we can add to the movies that were picked. I think this is a great example of making the spaghetti western database not just a look-up resource but also a place to discover, share and experience.
I am thinking of setting up a blog portal for each editor. more about that, later

My pick is “Blindman”.

Why does it look like this, instead of nicely arranged. I can’t seem to fix it. Any ideas?

I don’t get that strange error. What kind of browser do you use?

So, you don’t have that problem? Weird. I use Explorer.

it’s because things are being aligned to the left. because there is not too much text in the first entry, stuff from the second entry is also aligned around the item that came before it.
you can fix this by adding a few empty lines below the first entry, or post more text, or decrease the size of the images

Nope, it seems alright for me. I use firefox.

I made some changes. it should be a bit better now, but it is not a browser issue, it is a picture alignment problem. the wider you make your window, the more text fits into one line, if there’s not enough text to wrap around image1, then the next headline and image will be wrapped around it, causing it to be indented.

I pick ‘Quanto costa morire’ !!!

shoot, gringo. i’m really excited about this.
btw, I just made some minor tweaks to the main page

Looks good again.

ok we have 4, where are the other 6?

I just added mine, I chose God Forgives… I Don’t. No big surprise, eh?

Why all the other editors , except 5 of us, are not picking some movies? It would be sad if nice idea like that would die :frowning:

yeah guys, come on, i’m already itchy to post mine (if it’s not taken by then)

Yes I think it’s a nice idea too, I think I will pick Viva Maria, but I haven’t written anything yet, sorry!

Sorry, I was away and missed this thread. :-[
I’ll make a decision today and let you know my pick then.

you can just go ahead and post it.

to the others: some have a bit less text than others, uhm, we didn’t agree on any formats or anything, but in general, the more text the better. make sure your text includes information on why you picked it, what the movie has to offer to genre newlings maybe, and, this has been one already, have links included.

all in all, it looks awesome so far, I think it will be a great guide