Spagvemberfest 2019

It’s almost upon us, amigos! Hope you’ve got your movies cued up.


I’ve made my list

30.Bury Them Deep
29.Cut Throats Nine
28.Shoot Gringo, Shoot
27.Johnny Oro
26.A Long Ride From Hell
25.Sartana Kills Them All
24.Dynamite Jim
23.No Room to Die
22.El Puro
21.Arizona on Earth
20.The Ruthless Four
19.Gentleman Killer
18.Twice a Judas
17.$10000 Blood Money
16.A Second to Pray, A Minute to Die
15.Navajo Joe
14.15 Scaffolds for a Killer
13.A Bullet for the General
12.Duck, You Sucker!
11.Face to Face
10.Arizona Colt
9.The Fury of Johnny Kidd
8.Cemetary Without Crosses
7.The Forgotten Pistolero
6.God Forgives, I, Don’t
5.Have a Good Funeral, Sartana Will Pay
3.Django, Prepare a Coffin
2.Last of the Badmen
1.Once Upon a Time in the West

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My plan is to work through my least recently watched Koch and Wild East discs but there’ll probably be some random Amazon Prime viewings too as I sometimes need to utilize my commuting time to fit everything in.

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Not in the least. I perhaps have only 15 films qued up. Anyway, seems I’ll be in it up to my neck once again.

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As a complete newbie to this whose curious to try it, is 4 to 5 months enough of a gap between viewings?. I actually might start off with doing a second viewing of the Complete Sartana boxset. Thanks for all help and tips.

There are absolutely no rules to this makesthemovie.
You can watch whatever you like. And if you don’t get through one every day it doesn’t matter either. The key is to enjoy it whichever way you like.

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The challenge is to try to watch one spaghetti per day every day throughout November. You can incorporate some sort of theme if you’d like - last year I went only with spags which contained the names Django, Sartana, Ringo, Trinity or Sabata; a couple of years ago @Phil_H went with the truly mindbending theme of only watching Anthony Steffen movies - but a theme isn’t necessary by any means. You can watch any 30 spags you like. Or the same one spag thirty days in a row if that’s how you want to roll (that’s a theme I might try myself one year). As long as you try to watch one every day, it’s all good. And, hey, if you can’t quite make one every single day - sometimes real bloody life gets in the way of these things, after all - it doesn’t matter. Just have fun with it. And if you can drive your family spaghetti-mental at the same time, all the better! :slightly_smiling_face:

I already know my Spagvember’s going to be f*cking brutal this year. I still can’t wait, though.


I’m in, for the first time…


I’m only 20 minutes into ‘Ramon the Mexican’ and already feeling the strain! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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To my eternal shame, I am out… on the bright side, I am taking a longer vacation instead. Which, I guess, isn’t too bad a thing either :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch Phil, that helps a lot.

Thanks Asa, you and Phil have helped me plan out this challenge.

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I had to fast forward about 25 minutes of brawl and horse riding in “Bury them deep” today…

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  1. Valanzano: Young Guns Go West
    -Started SpagvemberFest with this forgotten gem and rarely seen masterpiece. Must-watch for every spaghetti western fan. Hopefully we’ll see a bluray release soon in the future and the film in our top20.

Oh, and the rating: 1/10


It’s here! Arriva Spagvemberfest! Fill your hands, you sons of bitches!

Yes, this year I’m theming my Spagvember in honour of that spaghetti staple, the cheapo box set. I haven’t bought a cheapo box set in maybe five or six years but, even after all this time, there are plenty of films on those sets I still haven’t gotten around to seeing. Why? Well, because for the most part, they’re the unsung “meh” entries in the genre. I’m always determined to get to them but, when it comes to it, there’s always something else I want to watch more.

Well, not this year, gringos! This year, the never seen/barely seen are getting their month in the sun, Goddammit (I appreciate that it’s November and there’s no f#cking sun at all right now but, still, my point holds). Plus, in honour of the famous 44-movie set containing a non-western movie (The Manhunt), I too shall at some stage during Spagvember be watching a non-western movie: The Manhunt! Well, I’ve never seen it. Similarly, in honour of that same set containing an American western (Apache Blood), I too shall at some stage during Spagvember be watching an American western: The Legend of God’s Gun! Well, you didn’t think I’d sit through Apache f#cking Blood ever again, did you? I mean, I am demented but are bloody limits, you know.

Despite the relatively brutal nature of my theme this year, I’m starting fairly strongly with a picture I really ought to have seen by now: A Sky Full of Stars For a Roof (Petroni, 1968). Supposed to be half-decent, this one. Let’s bloody hope so, eh? Vamos a matar, compañeros!


Mario Adorf was a A-class actor in my opinion!

Starting off the Spagnovember with Lee Van Cleef, his last great one,

Arrow’s restoration of Il Grande Duello (The Grand Duel)

Am also planning to end the challenge with a Van Cleef one, but not sure which one yet.

Look out for the first full week of the month’s revisiting of the Sartana series


Nice strong start, @makesthemovie. I really enjoyed revisiting The Grand Duel when that Arrow blu came out. It was better than I remembered it, and I already thought it was a pretty good anyway.

My first day of Spagvember was a bit of a bust. I spent the first 5-10 minutes of A Sky Full of Stars For a Roof trying to work out how to get my telly to zoom the picture (my cheapo box set presents the movie with thick black borders all around it) so I wasn’t incredibly invested in the film, which never got interesting enough to pull me in. On the plus side, when it was over I watched A Noose is Waiting For You Trinity (Balcázar, 1972) which I enjoyed far more. So I’m kind-of a movie up already, even though ANiWFYT wasn’t on the schedule for this year.


(sings) #Getcha Cleef on, getcha Cleef on, getcha getcha getcha getcha getcha Cleef on…#

Taking a look at Antonio Margheriti’s spaghetti western/martial arts hybrid Blood Money aka The Stranger and the Gunfighter (1974). I love spags, I love a bit of Shaw Brothers chop socky action and I love Lee van Cleef so, logically, this must be the greatest movie of all time, right? Right! Glad that’s sorted. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii-yaaa!


Spagvemberfest 2019 - Day 1

The Grand Duel (Santi / 1972)


Seems like me and makesthemovie had the same bright idea for starting off Spagvemberfest with this recent Arrow Bluray. For me it was due to the realisation that it was still in the cellophane and unwatched since I bought it.

A solid start and enjoyable film which has good moments but it doesn’t grab me anything like as much as it used to 20 odd years ago when it was one of the few spags I had on vhs. The Arrow release is good though and really enjoyed the interview with Peter O’Brien amongst the special features.