Spaghettis with Indians

As you know indians are rarely featured in spaghettis, most of the time it’s gringos and mexicans instead :wink:
But some sw’s have indians, the two mysterious ones in Django Kill for instance, and some even have indians in the lead role like Navajo Joe and Captain Apache.
What more spaghettis are there featuring indians?

They are some half indians in some spaghettis like in Keoma or Charles Bronson’s character in Guns for San Sebastian [there are also some indians in Chino if you count that as spaghetii]

There is a main female character who is an Indian in the 1970’s spaghetti called Apache Woman with Al Cliver in the lead.

Yes, tom posted a dvd cover of that film, is that a sexy western? :wink:

I would not say a sexy western, as I suppose the film was violent for the time , but she is a sexy indian though!

There are some SW in the 70s following the Soldier Blue formula.

There are Indians in “JONATHAN OF THE BEARS”, the main indian girl in it is beautiful :wink:

‘Scalps’ is featuring Indians. Well, most of them are killed at the beginning. The main actress, an Indian girl (the chief’s daughter) is taking bloody revenge on the murderers !!!

10 whits and a little indian
west and soda
buddy goes west
and more and more and more

Vengeance Trail features lot’s of Indians/Native Americans. Not a typical SW, more like a revisionist Western that shows the Indians in a good light.

buddy goes west

Yes, this late spaghetti from 1980 is pretty funny I think :slight_smile:

Also Il bianco, il giallo, il nero features some indians.

buddy goes west I find one of the most nerving spaghetties! spacially that moron indian we speaks this stupid made up language.

but thast my opinion :wink:

Hehe, I think it’s better than the Trinity films, you know Bud Spencer is in this film. But not Terence Hill though.

Btw what do you think of the Trinity films?

The Hellbender

Yes, Buddy Goes West and that arse… Indian!!, never seen the Trinity films though.
I have seen some other Terrence Hill lightweight stuff and find him very irritating to watch!, but do not mind him in his earlier serious westerns.

i think the trinity films are great fun but my favourite Bud Spencer, Terence Hill film has got to be “WATCH OUT WE’RE MAD” - Superb :slight_smile:

Johnny Oro featured some indians as bad guys if I remember correctly.

Sabata also got one indian :slight_smile:

RETURN OF RINGO also has an Indian who helps out at the end siege with his trusty bow & arrow.

BLACKJACK has a nasty Indian villain in it, IIRC. A hidden gem that one and very violent too.