Spaghetti Western Posters

Yeah I had seen that VHS cover before and thought the VHS looked cool, so when I saw this poster for so cheap I grabbed it up. It arrived today and when I took it out, I thought it was probably from an old video rental store because the size (24"x18") is smaller than a theatrical poster, and it looks like the kind of poster a video store would get. I wouldn’t think too many stores would be displaying a poster for a title like this though.

Exactly what I was thinking. I mean I can see like displaying promotional material for True Grit or TGTBTU… but a Fidani film…? Truly mind boggling lol

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I guess they were really trying to milk Kinski, even though he’s barely even in this film… along with the alternate Fistful title. Perhaps they felt it could be a big draw with this advertising so they sent out posters along with the tapes… wonder if it was actually displayed. Weirdness factor along with Kinski, Powers, Mitchell, Cameron and Miles Deem on director makes it pretty cool for me :call_me_hand:

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Good point, he was pretty big at the time working with Herzog.

Stunning Locandina collection Dean.

Speaking of framing them, Claes Ohlson has stock of 33x70 frames for a good price, at least on their website.

Finally got a frame for this one;


Lately become addicted to buying and framing posters…


What size house you must have :slight_smile:

Are they the 33X70 frames from Clas Ohlson?

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Yes! They fit perfect.

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I have that 10.000 dollari per un massacro poster too. I think I’ll be needing frames too.

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I’ll be picking up a few of those then.

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Well, that’s here the problem is. I’m lucky my sambo appreciates this fine wall art but I have a feeling she well put a stop to it sooner or later :sweat_smile:

OK I will lay low for awhile now


Very nice

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I’m currently doing a school project focused on exploitation movie posters and I’m looking for names of some of the artists that made these great spag western posters. If anyone on the forum could help me out, it would be great.


The Swede


I would start with the trio of Renato Casaro, Rodolfo Gasparri, and Sandro Symeoni! Bob Peak was the artist on the most famous Dollars poster. And Mitchell Hooks did my all-time favorite spaghetti poster for Compañeros!


Thanks Cat! :+1::+1: I will look at their work and prob use them in my presentation.

I had added that Companeros poster(one of my faves too) but didnt know who did it. Very cool!


If anyone has any other artists names, please let me know. I’m trying to get as many as I can. Thanks!

Here’s a good list of Italian Artists.

I’d also pay special attention to Frank McCarthy, Tongdee Panumas, P Franco and Rodolfo Gaspari. They’re some of the greats in my opinion.

P Franco! I’ve been trying to figure out who did that Sartana poster.

Frank McCarthy’s poster for You Only Live Twice is one of my favorites of all time.

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Thanks Nick! will check this out