Spaghetti Western Podcasts

I am SO behind with watching these magnificent podcasts…
Determined to catch up on a select few, starting with this one, dedicated to my favourite Spag. Western star, the iconic Giuliano Gemma.

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Tell me about it…


I give up after two podcasts, one of the guys there i forgot his name, he kinda of veered too much into Forrest Gump territory, that was enough for me.

I think the gentleman you’re referring to is arguably the most knowledgeable person on the subject of Spaghetti Westerns on the planet. Maybe you should send him a box of chocolates.


Tom Betts is the man when it comes to spaghetti western


@LooneyElmerFudd hey we get a shout out for the shownotes in episode 24 :slight_smile: that’s how far behind I am watching them.

Wow, and I feel guilty when I am 2 weeks behind with the shownotes :slight_smile:
But there is a ton of nice stuff waiting for you.
I am behind with reading (heve not finished the first digest, GBU book of Hanley) and watching the movies I got from christmas. I think it is priorities :wink:

I hope they will do some other topics inbetween the actors they are now honoring. Altough the actors are an imporant part of the movies, the last 9 Podcasts are about actors only.
Maybe a show about directors or camera men that made the Spaghetti westerns. Or invite a composer that comments on the soundtracks used in the movies (unfortunately they can not use the music due to rights issues). Alessandro De Rosa made the book about Morricone. Maybe he is willing to talk about this in the show, how the maestro worked and tought.
I would welcome some variety in the topics.

The last time I checked, they’ve done multiple podcasts on Spaghetti Western directors, so perhaps you should check the podcast titles before posting. Also, having just any composer come on the show and talk about SW’s makes no sense, when they know nothing about the genre. SW actors are the most memorable part of the SW genre (outside of Leone, Corbucci, and Morricone), so that’s why most of the shows are about actors. As far as variety goes, maybe you need to change your morning cereal from Fruit Loops to Captain Crunch.

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He did the bulk of the shownotes, so I assum ehe is familiar with the titles.

What’s with the hostile tone, isn’t it allowed to utter feedback to the show?

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Sorry if I offended somebody, but this reaction is a it overdone IMHO.
I checked indeed the podcasts and noted that the last 9 are about actors. I only mentioned that a little variation would be more interesting. The actors played in overlapping movies so these movies get the attention while there are more.
I like the Italian western movies because they broke loose from all conventions in for example brutality, camera usage, heroism and music. So a bit background from the makers of these movies, apart from the actors, would be welcome. From directors they did a show about the 4 Sergio’s but nothing about other people involved in the filming process

Ik you read my comment I proposed the writer of the Morricone biography.
They had writers of spaghetti books before so why not somebody that can say something interesting about the composers. I think the Italianen westerns made movie music more important and functional. It would be interesting to hear a professional opinion about that standpoint.
And there were some pretty good composers next to Morricone.


50 episodes, that was quite a wild first season! Congrats to Jay and Tom for this amazing year!

We’ll keep adding a bit to the shownotes, which are steadily growing in quality and quantity at


Shownotes are updated till episode 50. Big job done by Jay and Tom!
I am curious about the “second” season with more indepth discussions and special guests.
But first a break before the next season start.

and a snappier title and new logos, also a new promo reel coming up I am told :slight_smile:


New promo


The Great Dynamic Duo of the Italian West! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in September.


I need some help with the shownotes from someone who’s a bit less busy than I am - and a bit less behind in watching this great podcast :slight_smile:

I will continue with the shownotes but am only halfway the episode of September 4th.
Do you want a new page for the second season or continue where we left the first season?

I already started so just need to fill in some details :slight_smile: I will probably be on the show the 25th :wink:


Watched first episode ofthe second season and this was promising. Tom and Kevin had the same experiences with trying to see some of the movies by trading and special communities.
Completed the show notes for this one.

Seb, succes with your show :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: