Spaghetti Western Photo Story Magazines

As has been ably demonstrated elsewhere, my understanding of the French language is second to none. Le secret de mon success relatez a being dans Francais avec la dictionnaire et jay regardez les magazines Star-Cine Adventures et Star-Cine Bravoure.
I have aquired 2 of these mags. The one on the left, as can be seen, contains Django Defie Sartana (1971) and was sold in ‘Janvier 1972’ in France. The other is titled La Main Sur La Gachette (The Hand on the Trigger?) and was sold in ‘Mars 1969’. I was wondrin’ why I didn’t recognise this from the photos (ignore the covers - they have nothing to do with the inside story) - and have tracked it down (thru’ the database) to be $5,000 on One Ace (1965). I’d never watched it 'cos the quality of my print is so bad. The quality of the mag is so much better.
Anyway, my spaghetti knowledge and my French is being developed still, and I’m off to a flea-market (marche aux puces) tomorrow to try and hopefully find some more.
Anybody else got any of these, and have they been similarly produced in other countries?

(I’ll post somepics in a mo. - I’m concerned I might lose my internet connection if I try to do too much at once … )

I’ve got another French mag Winchester Starcine which contain a such a photo story… The one I got is El Desperado aka The Dirty Outlaws … There were probably loads of these made.

Here they are … (hopefully)

I’d put my hand in my pocket ‘for a few magazines more’. I’m hoping I’ll find some tomorrow with any luck. I’d certainly like The Dirty Outlaws … great film!
This is the only way I’m likely to learn French I suppose :D.

I’d love to get my hands on some of these. They look great.
Not sure how many were made but quite a lot as I understand. Including one on El Puro. I know this because Robert Woods has shots of it on his Myspace site here:

Keep your eyes open Rev. You might get lucky.

These magazines look highly interesting. Do they only exist in french?

Holy shit. These look great. Any Garko or Steffen flicks?

I just saw a Gli Specialisti Comic book! Check below.

Very nice !

My eyes were open :o -
but I did not get lucky I’m afraid Phil :’(.

Well…I have quite a few of these French Photo Novels that I am going to be putting up for sale, very soon.

What I have:

Star-Cine Aventures: Johnny Oro
Star-Cine Aventures: Cjamango
Star-Cine Aventures: Five Giants from Texas
Star-Cine Colt: Requiem for a Gringo (Duel in the Eclipse) * Some chowder-headed kid drew gun-blasts of fire on all of the pistols in this one, though. *
Star-Cine Bravoure: Wrath of God (the Brett Halsey film)
Star-Cine Winchester: Blood at Sundown
Star-Cine Bravoure: Seven Dollars on the Red
Star-Cine Winchester: I Want Him Dead

Then, I have a few that I haven’t decided if I am going to sell, or not.
Those include:

Star-Cine Bravoure: For a Few Dollars More (doubt I will be selling this one as it has an actual photo from the movie on the cover…and I sort of paid a lot for it way back when)
Star-Cine Bravoure: Yankee
Star-Cine Colt: 100 Crosses for One Pistol (aka, One Gun, One Hundred Graves, or Gunman of 100 Crosses…the Tony Kendall film)
Star-Cine Winchester: Black Jack
Star-Cine Aventures: Garter Colt (I will likely end up sending this one to Nicoletta herself)

The one I mentioned above I actually bought from you in the past Chris … Any reason why you are parting with your collection or do you have doubles?

List of photo novels (work in progress):

Star Cine Aventures
#186 - Three bullets for Ringo
#188 - Django Shoots First
#189 - Massacre Time
#192 - In a Colt’s Shadow
#199 - Cjamango
#202 - Das Vermächtnis des Inka
#204 - Grave of the Gunfighter / Three from Colorado
#206 - Gentleman Joe
#208 - The Belle Starr Story
#209 - If One Is Born a Swine / Turn… I’ll Kill You
#211 - Ringo, the lone rider
#212 - Between God, the Devil and a Winchester
#213 - Bury Them Deep
#216 - Seven for Pancho Villa / The Treasure of Pancho Villa
#217 - Moment to Kill
#218 - May God Forgive You… But I Won’t
#220 - Death on High Mountain
#224 - Gatling Gun
#226 - Djurado
#229 - Seven Vengeful Women
#230 - The Last Ride to Santa Cruz
#236 - Heads or Tails
#237 - El Cisco
#239 - One Against One… No Mercy
#240 - Django Against Sartana
#244 - Fury of the Apaches
#245 - Bullets over Dallas
#246 - If You Want to Live… Shoot!
#247 - Quinto: Fighting Proud OR Reverend Colt (???)
#250 - Thirteenth Is a Judas
#253 - Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity
#256 - Brother Outlaw

Star Cine Bravoure
#81 - Gunfight at High Noon
#126 - For One Thousand Dollars Per Day / Renegade Gunfighter (?)
#139 - Killer Kid
#141 - Born To Kill
#142 - 100.000 Dollars for Lassiter
#143 - Die schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe / Black Eagle of Santa Fe
#146 - Fury of Johnny Kid
#148 - Two Faces of the Dollar
#151 - Rattler Kid
#153 - Some dollars for Django
#159 - Ringo from Nebraska / Savage Gringo
#163 - Murieta
#164 - Day of Anger
#165 - Train for Durango
#168 - Kill the Wickeds
#169 - Quintana
#173 - Shoot, Gringo… Shoot!
#174 - Der letzte Mohikaner / Last of the Mohicans
#175 - Man From Oklahoma
#177 - Challenge of the McKennas
#178 - Garringo
#180 - Companeros
#181 - They Call Me Trinity
#183 - Reverend Colt
#186 - A Man Called Apocalypse Joe
#188 - Kill Django… Kill First / Tequila

Star Cine Colt
#3 - If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death
#11 - Django Does Not Forgive
#14 - Outlaw of Red River / Django the Honorable Killer
#15 - Two Crosses at Danger Pass
#16 - 20.000 dollari sul 7
#17 - A minute to pray, a second to die
#19 - José María
#23 - Twice a Judas
#24 - Death Knows No Time / Tierra Brava
#26 - Twilight Avengers
#31 - Gunman of One Hundred Crosses

Star Cine Winchester
#3 - God Forgives… I Don’t!
#4 - Run, Man, Run
#6 - Django the Last Killer
#7 - Dirty Outlaws
#9 - Fort Yuma Gold
#10 - Seven Hours of Gunfire / Sette ore di fuoco
#13 - Garringo
#14 - Gun Shy Piluk
#15 - Black Jack
#16 - The Bounty Killer
#17 - One Dollar of Fire
#22 - No Graves on Boot Hill
#23 - Duel at Sundown / Duell vor Sonnenuntergang
#24 - Roy Colt & Winchester Jack
#25 - I Want Him Dead
#26 - Taste of Vengeance
#27 - Blood at Sundown
#33 - Stranger in Sacramento
#34 - Bastard, go and kill ???
#39 - Sheriff of Rock Springs
#42 - Dead Men Ride

#? - They Call Him Cemetery

I’ve got a load o Franch western photo mags, i’ll try to dig them out and let you know what i’ve got.

Anyone got any idea of the values of these?

I may let them go if decent, i can’t understand them.

Actually I don’t speak (or read) French either. Picked them up just for the hell of it.

Also I forgot to mention that on the back-side of each issue the ‘babe’ of the month is pictured… I have issues with such 70s hotties as Edwige Fenech, Senta Berger, Marisa Mell etc. pictured … Worth the price of admission alone :slight_smile:

Regarding value so it probably depends on the state of the mag and maybe some issues are more rare than others. That said I paid next to nothing for the above issues.

[quote=“Søren, post:14, topic:1918”]Actually I don’t speak (or read) French either. Picked them up just for the hell of it.[/quote]So did i, i think i paid a bit too much for some of them though.

It was in my “buy anything with spaghetti western links” phase.

I’m up for anything :wink: - what’ya got in mind?

LOL. Just copy the list I supplied above, into the top of the first post in this thread and promise to update it with the additional info about issues given by Chris and Yodlaf.

LOL again. That’s where I am right now. I always swore that I would stick to strictly collecting Danish material for the movies which sort of laid a boundary for the collection. Then I started collecting cd soundtrack and then I picked up a bunch of German lobby cards and posters and now I have started gathering the original Italian locindinas … The madness will never end :slight_smile:

Would love to have some of these.

The value of these magazines is a very subjective thing. Here in the States they are very rare and hard to find, in Europe that is apparently not the case.
So, in the USA it is not unusual for these to sell for $9.00 (and above) each.
From what I understand you can get a half dozen or more for that price in Europe!
The Leone related issues are expensive no matter where you are, I think.
And they are a bit harder to come by.

At any rate, I have decided not to sell any of my Foto-Novels, because the only people interested in them are Europeans and they certainly don’t want to pay what I paid for them (and rightly so!).
I’ll just hang on to them, I reckon.

[quote=“Chris_Casey, post:19, topic:1918”]The value of these magazines is a very subjective thing. Here in the States they are very rare and hard to find, in Europe that is apparently not the case.
So, in the USA it is not unusual for these to sell for $9.00 (and above) each.
From what I understand you can get a half dozen or more for that price in Europe![/quote]well they cost me an average of £5 each i’d say and that was a good few years ago.
not bad when an average new magazine in the newsagents is rougly £3.99 nowadays.