Spaghetti Western locations - post your pics

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Cool photos Chris, again some great then and now comparisons and Los Albaricoques looks a fantastic place to visit. :slight_smile:
I’m sure this is not the case but I always imagine those houses to be occupied by SW fans! :smiley:

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[quote=“Chris_Casey, post:20, topic:676”]I have hundreds more photos…but I think this is more than enough for one posting!
I’m sure it’s not :wink: It’s so cool to see all those places and it really makes me wanna visit them…

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Maybe we should make some page in our wiki that will gather all those great photos?

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Hey Yodlaf great pics, Actually I have been to see them before but never appreciated the sling…ouch!!
Will take my camera and try to get some great shots like yourself.

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That one from FOD with a bloody great big road through the middle makes you want to cry…

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somei didn’t post before

Fistful of dynamite

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The Big Gundown

(Yodlaf Peterson) #28

A Pistol for Ringo

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A few more trees and scrub (in the first 2) but they ain’t changed much. You must’ve done some serious research to have found all these.
Cheers for sharin’.

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okay now where is the “real” arch, because if it is in arizona I will kill myself, i’ve been to arizona twice now (once 10 months, and once for 2 weeks) and I sure hope I wasn’t stupid enough.

I really thought that real arch (the one they shot it at) was in Almeria… but then again… the red sand… more like colorado/arizona

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I reckon it wherever it was it is now long gone.

(Sebastian) #32


I think i’ve seen pictures of a half-rotten arch some time ago I thought it was the real one

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[quote=“Sebastian, post:32, topic:676”]really?

I think i’ve seen pictures of a half-rotten arch some time ago I thought it was the real one[/quote]
That sounds promising, do you remember where you saw it? We might have a holy grail on our hands :slight_smile:

Wherever it is, i’d love to visit it

(Sebastian) #34

hm… one of uli bruckner’s pictures maybe?

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The arch used in ‘Once Upon a Time…’ was originally built just outside Monument Valley, Utah, on a plateau along highway 163. It was a wooden structure, clad with brick that stood overlooking Monument valley for decades until the top fell down in the 90’s. All that’s left now are the two supports that used to hold up the round top.

When one leaves Monument Valley at Gouldings or Visitor Center / View Hotel and then turn northwards to Mexican Hat (or ‘Sombrero’ as I think this town should have been called ;D) after a few miles you will come to the point where the road goes up a plateau. This is also the famous photo-spot facing south where you have this long straight road with the mittens in the back. After that, a dirt road exits the 163 on your left and goes up the plateau. Follow that dirt road until you come to a crossing. Just follow the main road to the left until you get to an airfield site, where you follow the road to the right. Go all the way past the (hardly recognizable) airstrip and you will end up right in front of the remains of the arch… Can’t miss it!

Additionally, here are some shots from the Rio Arlanza area in Northern Spain, where the finale for Good, Bad, Ugly was filmed. You GOT to love the cemetary location!

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Oh, forgot, here’s the Google Earth location of the arch remains…

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can’t believe I went to monument valley and skipped the arch. stone me

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Guh, this section of the forum is making me itch for a little trip to Spain ;D Too bad I’m broke (as usual)! Anyway, I casually stumbled over these two slideshows that compare locations from the Dollar trilogy with how they evolved (or decayed) through time. Probably nothing you haven’t seen before, but still pretty cool if you ask me:

Fistful of dollars and For a few dollars more[/url]

[url=]The good, the bad and the ugly

Sorry in case this has been posted before.

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I love this thread. Is that a real cemetery or was it made for the film?

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No, it was build for the film.

(Visconti would have used real corpses for the graves ;))