Spaghetti western locations in Almeria

There is some info here :

Thank you for the link. It just doesn’t seem to go to a page where I can actually order it… too bad doesn’t carry it…

There was a link below to the right “HAZ TU PEDIDO” where you at least can ask how you buy the book.

Or you could email that question to

Just some Spanish bureaucracy :slight_smile:

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Email has been sent. Let’s see if they reply…



I sent an email to this address last weekend for the English version - no reply yet.
Let me know please if you get a response?

Been going through my Almeria photos from both trips and thought I’d share some more.

Fort Bravo

GBU Hospital

“Five for you…” Rock

Mini Hollywood

A Pistol for Ringo

Ramblas again


Thanks for these. Nice to see that in your 2nd photo at Fort Bravo, the original saloon facade is back … it’s close to the faded blue grey that we see in films of the 1960s/70s … the saloon had another front built over the top of the original, which made it tricky to get accurate ‘then and now’ screen comparisons. :wink:

I didn’t realise that was a thing but I’m glad I could help :slight_smile:

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Well done Bill Willer. Nice addition

Nice shots🤠

I just sent an email as well….

I sent another email on sun - not looking good on a reply🤠

Sorry to read that…if I get a reply will post to you…