Spaghetti western locations in Almeria


Bookmarked! Thanks, Aldo. Spain looks a lot like California. They both even have Sierra Nevada mountain ranges. I never knew that Nevada meant snow-capped in Spanish until I looked it up today, which is ironic because Nevada, the state, is a desert.


Hey all, finally got my computer back. Here are some of my favourites that I took last year.

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It’s been ages since I’ve posted on here, but I just want to thank everyone in this thread for giving so many top tips for seeking out the various locations. I’m in Almeria as I type (my first visit), and these posts have been very helpful. It’s certainly very surreal seeing this area with my own eyes after all this time.

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It’s a fantastic spot isn’t it? Enjoy

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Cheers Phil. Yes, the parts around Tabernas in particular really are breath-taking, and are making me feel like I’ve stepped straight into the films. Some other locations are demanding a leap of the imagination a bit (e.g. looking at a wind farm and thinking “this is Cattle Corner”), but I’ll certainly be viewing the films differently from now on, with more thoughts of production practicalities etc.


I remember the wind howling as I walked through the valley in Tabernas. It was freaking awesome.


Me too, … and the sound of cicadas around the Sweetwater ranch, just like OUTW :smiley:


Please say there were crickets which got spooked when you walked towards the ranch wearing a duster.

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The McBain house (now the saloon in a mocked-up town) was playing the GBU score on a loop this week, which made it hard to hear wildlife. Great music for the visitor of course, but the bar staff had thousand-yard stares that suggested they might not have been sharing my enthusiasm.




The crickets (cicadas) do stop when you get too close - they’re in the grass and bushes surrounding the site …. and it is bloody surreal!

I’ll see if I can dig out a photo of me in my duster … photo files got lost in a HDD crash, but have them on disc somewhere :no_mouth:


Here it is, Almeria 2008

This one’s at Fort Bravo, mid January and roasting. Felt a bit of a tit initially wearing the duster, but it becomes very natural, very quickly … when in Rome! or Southern Spain :wink:


You should have posted that in The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread and had us guessing all day. :wink:


Cheers … nice compliment. I actually get more adventurous in later pics, with costume, beard, make-up and lots of dirt … something like the trapper from the Culpepper Cattle Co. :rofl:

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F*ck me, Doctor Who’s gone to pot, hasn’t it? :smiley:


LOL … the Tardis well disguised :grinning:

Would have made a great gag for the actual ‘Doc Who’ episode, filmed here - The porta potty wasn’t there the following year - The owners put in a fecking swimming pool. hoping to attract more visitors :roll_eyes: