Spaghetti western locations in Almeria


Is the second picture from when Tuco was hot on Blondie’s trail?

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I just took the shot because the feature looked distinctive and there is a view of Oasys Park to the right.
I just checked the movie quickly and couldn’t see a shot like it.
There is a shot in the movie of the ‘Cupcake’ shaped hill when Tuco is after Blondie which is not far from my shot but I did not go far enough along the trail to see it.


Ah, that’s the one I was thinking of then.


If you have the time and importantly the energy, it’s best to walk to these locations - Sierra Alhamilla, the area beyond the Oasys Park is literally Leone-ville … there are two main trails … one takes you past the remains of the ‘Fistful of Dynamite’ bridge, and immediately above that is the ‘Tuco Trail’, (also the rendezvous point for Manco and the Colonel in FAFDM)
The other trail veers off to the right about half a mile past the theme park - Here you will see the prison from ‘Long Days of Vengeance’ (also used in another Gemma movie ‘California’) … keep going and you eventually reach the spot where Juan and Sean talk about Mesa Verde and where the coach was blown up … Last time I visited, this area was being planted with some type of shrubs, so it’s likely overgrown by now … but on my first visit, a few years earlier, the area was still littered with pieces of the exploded coach … and yes, I picked up a nice souvenir, a heavy piece of dried out wood, with large rusted bolts and nails protruding - Clearly health and safety weren’t an issue when they blew up the coach … and I’m not sure if the coach was a mock up, or the same one seen at the beginning of the movie.
I’d love to know if anyone has information on this … either way, it’s a real piece of treasure for me :grinning:


Definetely. I didn’t quite see everything I wanted when I went so I’m desperate to go again and really looking forward to it whenever it may be.


Awesome pics. I took over 1200 when I was there (I know I’m sad), and I could upload a couple if anyone’s interested.

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We are always interested


Cool. I don’t actually have access to the computer they’re all saved on at the moment (long story) but as soon as I get it back I’ll upload a couple of my favourites :slight_smile:

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Please do, especially any in Sierra Alhamilla as described above.


Yes, please … all 1200, in your own time, of course :wink:

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I was researching the area around Tucumcari (FAFDM) / Cattle Corner (OUATITW) and nearby Flagstone (OUATITW) (all near Calahorra, Spain) and was wondering if anyone knows what other SW’s were shot here?

I was watching Ben & Charlie recently and spotted that the train scene near the start was shot here.
There are some references from this Forum to Blindman, The Price of Power (Flagstone) and My Name is Nobody (Calahorra) being shot in this area.


There are tons … virtually every Euro western with a train scene.

‘Red Sun’
‘Death Rides a Horse’,
‘Pancho Villa’,
‘A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die’

… and many more :grinning:




Except ‘Bandidos’ :laughing:


I know most of it was shot in Palencia according to Venantini?


Didn’t know that.

The IMDB gives only the De Laurentiis studios as a location. But figured there must be Spanish locations, as there’s a few Spanish actors involved, Chris Huerta and Antonio Pica.

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Thanks Aldo - I must watch out for the train station in other movies.
The location is good to spot in the movies with the distinct hills to the north. The hills to the south are less distinct but I have spotted the elevated Calahorra Castle (FAFDM).


The Sierra Nevada is the range to the south, which can also be seen in non SWs, such as ‘March or Die’ - ‘Doctor Zhivago’ - and ‘Reds’.

It’s a pity that the view is now spoiled by wind turbines - but it’s still a great location to visit.


Where is this? From Django Shoots First. Large boulder area near some body of water.


Probably from the Northern Madrid locations … somewhere like Manzanares el real.

Here’s a link to a very informative site.