Spaghetti Western Games

So I was wondering if anyone played any good SPaghettie western styled games?

Iv’e played some.

The game Red Dead Revolver, is a fun 3rd person shooter, not great but really fun for a spaghettie western fan. It includes lots of homages, including a boss that drags a coffin around with a chaingun in it, and many others.

Another is the FPS Outlaws by Lucasarts, an older pc game, which is still fun, and includes great animated sequences in between levels, and some more, though far less homages to the genre.

Another great game isn’t a computer or video game, but a card game. BANG!, it’s a simple game where one person is a sheriff, and the other players are either a Renegade, a deputy or an outlaw. But the things is you only know who the sheriff is, the outlaws have to kill the sheriff, the deputies and sheriff have to kill hte renegade and the outlaws and the renegade has to be the last survivor. The game was actually made in Italy and has been translated, and has a great art style.

There is a Red Dead Revolver ad in my GBU SE. I wanted to buy this one, but I think there is no PC version out. And I don’t have a X-Box or a PS2…

I played “Desperados” a while ago. No real Spa Western game, but it takes place in the western genre/time.

And all the music in the game is from spaghetti westerns. Great game but very difficult.

Desperados 2 is out now! In 3D! Download the demo here

I’ve played both red dead revolver and gun.thought both were great.

“Gun”, “Red Dead Revolver”, and “Outlaws” are very good games… Never played “Desperados” or “Dead man’s hand”…

I have both Gun and RDR and RDR is my fav by far over the two…I have finished the entire game and continue to play the different levels in Bounty hunter mode.
Love the grainy SW look and the music is top notch…RockStar games really did their homework with the music imho


well there isnt much of this genre out in the gaming world, however when i seen this post i thought i had to let u’se know that there is a mod in production for anybody that has half life 2, go check it out if you love speghetti westerns its worth your while ;D

as an add on to the last post, id like to get some feedback from the community on famous landmarks or buildings in the classic spaghetti western films ud like to see in a game. if u could supply photos to these locations id be greatful. im hoping it will improve the players experience to notice familar settings.

[quote=“Gunz, post:8, topic:264”]well there isnt much of this genre out in the gaming world, however when i seen this post i thought i had to let u’se know that there is a mod in production for anybody that has half life 2, go check it out if you love speghetti westerns its worth your while ;D[/quote]

Yeah, there is already a single- and a multiplayer mod called “Wanted!” for Half Life 1 (MP for CS?!)

yeah we have been approached by a number of people asking us if we are the same team that made wanted, since then we have changed the name of ours to outlaws & lawmen, basically its the same type of game but with better graphics and gameplay thats supplied with the source engine. hopefully when its completed we can see some of u guys on there for a showdown :slight_smile:

beat RDR but I seem to be stuck on guns just started it last week.

i think “Red dead revolver” is great, especially with the SW soundtrack (Even though one of the tracks is from killer nun).
Gun on the other hand is a much more polished game with a huge play area (it seems like a couple of square miles) that looks nothing short of stunning, it’s only downfall is that it has it’s own soundtrack (imagine it with a SW soundtrack, it would be mind blowing) even though the score is ok.

problem: i’m stuck on the last level with the boss in the cave and can’t do it even with guides from the net,magazines etc. he’s one tough bastard!

Sounds like Red Dead Revolver 2 is in the works for the Playstation 3…I was happy with my PS2 until I heard about this! :wink:

I haven’t tried Gun yet but I’ll probably buy it at some point, based on everybody’s reviews.

On another note, anyone do any western miniature-type gaming? I just bought Desperado from Knuckleduster Publications ( because I wanted something simple, cheap and fun. Looks like it fits the bill - a neat little pickup game to enjoy over a beer.

Hah, check this site and browse on letter “S” on games archive.

There’s game called “Spaghetti Western” released on good ol’ c-64.

Too bad I couldn’t find the game itself, I’d like to play it with my c-64 emulator.

I’ve played (or at least read about) quite a few Western-themed console games, I’ll give you the skinny on what I know so far:

RDR2 hasn’t been officially announced yet as far as I know. It was Rockstar’s PS3 tech demo of an “untitled Western game” that got everybody all abuzz about it back before that system was even released. But given the fact that RDR sold fairly well, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rockstar eventually made a full-fledged sequel. Here’s hoping, as it’s my favorite Western-themed video game by far.

As far similar titles are concerned, there’s of course the aforementioned “Gun” (another terrific game), as well as a first-person shooter for Xbox entitled “Dead Man’s Hand” that is mediocre at best. DMH has a decent overall look and feel, but the frame-rate is pretty choppy, the kiss of death for any FPS. (“Halo 2” it’s not.) “Darkwatch” and “Oddworld: Stranger’s Odyssee” both have Western slants, but really aren’t true Western games.

Let’s see, what else? “Samurai Western” for PS2 puts you in the role of a samurai in the Old West (big surprise there!). It’s fun for awhile, but the nonstop hacking and slashing gets repetitive after awhile. There’s another FPS for PS1 called “Jesse James: Gunfighter” (if I remember correctly) which is pretty awful, I think it may be a European game, so it may not be available in the States. There’s also “Rizing Zan: Samurai Gunfighter” for PS1, which I haven’t actually played and have only heard about.

If you really want to go old-school, who can forget the classics “Gunsmoke” and “Sunset Riders”? The SNES version of Sunset Riders is still a blast, easy to find on emu as well! And what was the name of that Atari 2600 game? “Outlaw” was it? That game rocked! “Mad Dog McCree” too!

Of course, the deeper you delve, the more you lose the whole “spaghetti” element, but a lot of these Western videogames are still fun to play whether the Italian influence is there or not.

i thought GUN was great, especially the beautiful landscapes, ive sold my 360 now but i never managed to finish it, i couldn’t do the last boss, he was one tough bastard!

The great thing about red dead revolver is that it used spaghetti western scores for the soundtrack (and one track from Killer nun for some bizzare reason, it does sound spaghetti like i suppose).

imagine if gun had used these soundtracks!!!

I have Gun and Red Dead Revovler and personally I find RDR the more entertaining the two. Gun has superioro graphics but RDR offers a more spaghetti-western oriented storyline, characters and overall vibe.

I actually prefer the overall look of RDR compared to Gun. Gun features undeniably better graphics on the whole, but RDR captures the Spaghetti Western aesthetic pretty much to a “T”, with film lines and grain running throughout the cutscenes to give it the distressed, washed out look of a poor movie print. Long before the DVD medium made us obsessive about superior digital transfers and high-quality film prints, this was pretty much the only way to see these movies; UHF, rabbit ears and Sunday afternoons. In a way, it’s very similar to what Rodriguez and Tarantino accomplished with Grindhouse in that the game takes you back to a time and place that doesn’t really exist anymore.

My main complaint about RDR’s graphics is that while the overlying film effects are very cool, the underlying models themselves are flat and lacking in detail. I could see why Rockstar would need to use this approach in expansive, open-ended games such as the GTA series, but I don’t think they were really pushing the envelope with a closed-environment game such as RDR.

I like RDR better also, but if I don’t like it when games lead you by the nose so much - that is, you don’t get a chance to wander around and explore that much.

If you could combine Gun and RDR you’d have a superior western game. Hopefully the next version of RDR adds flexibility in missions and perhaps a storyline that you could influence as you play - your character could go down a different path depending on the missions he picked or something.

I’m not big into RPGs, but if you could make a western-themed RPG I’d be all over that!