Spaghetti Western Database 2 Year Anniversary

How old is this site/forum really, how long has it been on line?

Did the forum exist from the beginning or was it added to the database some time later?

Maybe we should have an “anniversary” each year when it’s the site’s “birthday” ? :wink:

Anyway, great initiative by Sebastian to start this website!!

uh I don’t really remember actually…i’d have to check…
the forum was added at around the same time though

August 04, 2005, 00:24:13
The time, when Seb registered. So it must be the birth of the page/forum.

So next saturday would be the second anniversary.

I only go on 2 forums and obviously this is one of them, i find that too many forums have over opinioned arseholes on them who think they know everything but it’s not like that on here and that’s why i like it (and also cos i love spaghettis!!!)

thank you. so lets make august 4 the birthday, unless i am in switzerland at the planet terror premiere, i’ll be online in here to celebrate with blackjack and hookers… if i am, party without me :slight_smile: i’ll be partying with Robert and Rose in that case

Over Opinioned arseholes…I know what you mean!

Then Seb, put it in the news and on the main page. The swdb becomes 2. A reason to live, a reason to celebrate! :slight_smile: :smiley: Yeehaw.

SWDB 2 years old Central European Time ;D


Regards to all fellow board-members, and keep posting 8)

I will say the same HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :smiley:

Well I would crack open a beer… but I am already having one!

Happy Birthday, here’s to another 2 years and beyond… ;D

I had too much I’m going to bed. haha. but I’m going to switzerland tomorrow for the Planet Terror premiere… busy as always

THANKS to everyone who is doing their part for this website. I am happy to say that the concept (a wiki) for this type of website has been a full success and i enjoy checking out the forums everyday. Keep it up everybode and keep telling friends and spreading the word. It is already Tarantino’s favorite website, what more can you ask for, haha!


5’10" Brunette with big tits please ;D

Hope you have a fun day tomorrow then Seb!

Cheers mates ;D

I’d like to add my congratulations to everyone on the site’s 2nd birthday and in particular to Seb for starting it and all the hard work he puts in to keep it such a great place.
I’d also like to congratulate all our members, because it is you guys who set the tone here on the forum which is always positive, fun and supportive. It is also you who make the site in general such a wealth of useful information to a Spaghetti geek like me. I’ve only been a member here since march but it has been a real treasure for me to find a place to talk with people who share my passion for these films.
Here’s to many more years to come!

Hi amigos,

Congrats to all posters.

And keep up the good work Sebastian.

yeah just saw this… congrats

The best page I’ve ever been and worked on. Great shit, hop to be a member for lifetime :slight_smile: Cheers fellow muchachos, strangers, outlaws, indians, amigos, hookers, ladies etc.

I’ve been member of this forum and regular visitor to both database and the forum from the very beginning and it’s been awesome to see how quickly this site has become the very best and informative spaghetti western site on the web.

Thanks to all companeros of this site!

Yeah great site and great forum where i can chat with fellow spag fans. Kinda feels like home :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you amigos!