Spaghetti Western Database 2 Year Anniversary

[quote=“alk0, post:20, topic:667”]Yeah great site and great forum where i can chat with fellow spag fans. Kinda feels like home :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you amigos![/quote]

I feel the same way !!! Before I came to the forum I didn’t have anybody to share opinions about SW ! I’m very glad I can do it here with so many competent people !!!

Great site, guys! I run another western site, but spaghetti films are really my first love and hope to contribute as much, if not more, here. I was thrilled to find this site!
Kudos to the site owner, mods and contributors. Very grateful for all you do.

[quote=“Lode, post:3, topic:667”]August 04, 2005, 00:24:13
The time, when Seb registered. So it must be the birth of the page/forum.

So next saturday would be the second anniversary.[/quote]

So we are little more than 10 years old!