Sonny & Jed / La banda J. & S. Cronaca criminale del Far West (Sergio Corbucci, 1972)

You’d call 'em gross… we say they’re wild!

Sergio Corbucci directs this semi Spaghetti Western take on Bonnie & Clyde starring Thomas Millian, Susan George & Telly Savalas. By this time, Millian’s Cuchillo-esque character seems to run a bit thin for me.

“I love you …you mother fucker!”

Well I don’t but it did have it’s moments.

I found it really enjoyable. It isually has a strong resemblance to what I’d identify as aa more realistic looking west. It’s still filmed in Spain but has a far more wintery look to it with all the big coats and stuff. But all the coats sort of look like Super Fly to me. Mostly on Savalas. also enjoyed the pace. I get tired of Spaghettis that have miniature bursts of gunfights that last a few seconds. But Corbucci does the mini action scenes best here.


But the relationship sort of pissed me off >:(

I like this one. Enjoy the bad language and Telly. George is to much like a little brat at times though. Offbeat and like the landscape. Corbucci later westerns are not liked by some of course, which is fine. However, I prefer this to some of his earlier westerns like Ringo and His Golden Pistol.

Enjoyed the film also and found Susan George to be much better than in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (only other movie I’ve seen her in, and found her kind of obnoxious in that one)

I never realized that she’s the same actress as in Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry. Now I know why I found both of these films so unbearable. Obviously I’m going to avoid anything starring Susan George now that I know who she is - a very obnoxious bitch.

That said, Milian’s character doesn’t inspire any sympathy either.

1/10 for me.

typically am not a fan of Milian as a whole, the same character in every film runs a bit thin as Idiot says… but I did enjoy Corbucci’s Sonny & Jed

Well it’s a Corbucci so there’ll be things we like & things we don’t. I love bad language as much as the next one but I need a bit more.

Take a recycled Millian performance, add random white chick into the mix & viola, formula for success. Not for me

Let’s see…how to get girl 101:
try too rape her…check
make fun of her virginity…check
break her down morally & verbally abuse her…check

Am I the only one that finds this uneasy to watch?

It’s not without it’s good scenes though. Who robs the same priest that marries them?

I would have to go back and watch again to really comment on those aspects, so maybe i will do that

take girl on date to porno movie… che… wait, those weren’t invented yet

In my opinion those characters performed by trio Millian/George/Savalas are all pretty annoying. Iwill not say that the movie is shitty, but it’s close. Any of the late (beyond 1970) Corbucci’s spaghettis aren’t in my likings. :stuck_out_tongue:

I must say that I disagree with Tomas playing the same character over and over. I mean even when he played Cuchillo a second time in Run Man Run, he portrayed him differently than he did in The Big Gundown. His character in Django Kill was unlike any of his other performances and his character Chaco(sp?) was unlike any of his other performances. Sure he has certain qualities that he puts into all of his characters, but I believe he managed to make each and every character he played (that I’ve seen) different and unique.

I agree there is a difference with Milian’s performance in The Big Gundown and Run Man Run, he is far more irritating in Run Man Run.

I will give you that his performance in Django Kill was unique… but as a whole he comes across as playing the same character over and over again, with only minor differences each time. This is nothing uncommon for spaghetti actors and is fine if you like the character, but for me Milian is usually more annoying than anything. Often I find myself not watching a film because he is in it.

I don’t know if you meant that as a joke ENNIOO, but that had me laughing pretty good :smiley:

I try to please where I can :smiley: .

My two bits:

Milian is a camilian. I do not believe he plays the same type of character over and over asgain. In the Bounty Killer, he is a man who doesn’t really care about anything. He has no strong motives oremotions. But in Django kill, he is a man who is in fact affected physically and emotionally by the end. Run Man Run, he is more of a cowardly, less confident character. More sneaky and less crudethan Jed. The closest character to Jed played by Milian is Vasco even though Jed is far more vulgar and bad.

Not to mention the epileptic albino!

I knew I was forgetting one. Good catch korano. Also Four of the Apocalypse, The White, the Yellow, and the Black(haven’t viewed), O’ Cangaceiro(haven’t viewed)

So I suppose I am being a bit unfair towards Milian, but my feelings about him still do not change :smiley:

he’s still got these, which are a pretty good number of films for this type of character
Big Gundown
Run Man Run
Sonny & Jed


He doesn’t always play a similar character but he plays a similar character (with minor differences) often enough for it to get tiring. I watched FOTA without knowing he was in it. One of his best performances in one of his worst movies. I agree that Djang Kill is another stand out performance but for me they are rare.

What about Death Sentence, Face to Face, Here We Go Again, Eh Providence?. I think he gives pretty amazing varied performances in these.
Not to mention his crime films, probably the genre he was best in imo, but we’re talking about Westerns.

Agree. He is one of the greatest actors in the genre. OK, he performed in some bad movies as well, so what? Who didn’t?

The thing for me is, I don’t consider any of his spaghettis to be bad films. I like them all. However, his character does much to detract from my enjoyment of the films, which is why I take issue… great film, annoying character

The above statements are in referrence to the Cuchillo type character only