Some Dollars for Django / Pochi dollari per Django / Alambradas de violencia (Enzo G. Castellari / León Klimovsky, 1966)

Then I’ve watched a cut version :(.

So it is …

Though not by much.:wink:

Sometimes a few cuts don’t hurt a film. Cut out about 70 min and you get a pretty entertaining film.

:o ;D ;D

Saw this last night,and thought it was an OK film. yes, it is "Amercianised"but i think you expect that with the early ones.The dubbing was quite bad on this one, a lot of the dvd’s have improved on that in my opinon but this one was not done as good as usual. some nice action, and poor old Frank Wollf even when he’s not so bad he still gets killed off.entertaining, little film, slight but doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

Since it’s an - as you call it - americanized one, Wolff HAS to be killed.

Exactly in your opinion, Chris Casey.

Exactly in your opinion, Stanton.

Watched this one last night. By no means a great movie, but not as bad as I expected after the sore comments here

The first scene is the best, then it quickly becomes routine, but I thought it picks up a little in the second half, with a good Wolff as a good bad uncle/bad good father and some decent (if not great) action scenes

Had seen it before when I was a kid (it must be one of the first SWs I ever saw) but only remembered some fragments (such as the shootout among the rocks with Wolff using a rifle). I do remember though that a visitor refused to put out his cigarette during the movie, and the operator threatened to stop the film. For me this film will forever be linked to this incident.

Steffen isn’t too bad in this one, but I think the film would’ve worked better with Giuliano Gemma or even Glenn Saxson, actors more suited for these kind of Americanized, half serious spaghettis (romantic interludes with Steffen usually aren’t really convincing)

Review coming up later this week

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:29, topic:1400”]Steffen isn’t too bad in this one, but I think the film would’ve worked better with Giuliano Gemma or even Glenn Saxson, actors more suited for these kind of Americanized, half serious spaghettis (romantic interludes with Steffen usually aren’t really convincing)

Review coming up later this week[/quote]

Oh yes, I agree with you. Gemma would be the better cast for the film.
I look forward to your review. :wink:

A review of this film about a man called Reagan (Ronald?), who steals sheriff’s stars and gunslinger’s names, has arrived:

Just finished watching this one…I faded in and out a bit but it wasn’t terrible by any stretch. I didn’t find it holding my interest tonight and no rush to rewatch it.

Simply average or even a little less than average.

I just watched the Minerva DVD for a second time. Good film but they never explained how Trever Norton died.

Watched this one with Steffen, his films got an small advantage for me, as the man was Brazilian born, most of his films got Portuguese subs.

Apart from the initial scene, which I almost thought was George Eastman on the donkey, there’s little SW and plenty classic western, so much that I’ve changed the audio to the English track, a rare thing in me cause in most cases I always prefer the Italian language. In a way is not so different from those class B US Western from the fifties/sixties, and as like to watch those as a kid, I liked this one also.

The story is nothing special; some characters seem to be taken out of Rio Bravo, but average stuff. Steffen is bad in a funny way, he just couldn’t handle those more romantic or dramatic scenes, at least the ones where he doesn’t need to look like a ghost of vengeance, but he was funny at least, Wolff was a good actor and he proves it once more here. To my shame I didn’t know the lovely red hair gal Gloria Osuna she was looked great indeed.

It seems that there’s an issue with who directed Klimovsky or Castellari not that it matters to me, but the first one was in my view was a very classic director which check’s out with the film build up, while the last one was a more aggressive director (even if this would be his first film credit), and that more aggressiveness at least matches up with the action scenes, and there’s plenty of those in this flick with fist fights and great shootouts.

One mistake I normally make while watching this films, is that I do it with today’s eyes and perception, we have a lot of information available these days, its easy to know things, for a normal viewer from any European town back in the days, if in the film they say that in Nevada in the last century existed a quarrel between cattle raisers and farmers, they would not questioned the film for that, so I shouldn’t do it either.

The soundtrack was great pretty classic but good to hear

So regular 3 stars stuff, but it did gave me a pleasant view, which is good cause I won’t be watching this again so soon

I just watched this one from the new Echo Bridge 20 film box. I enjoyed it. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s solid and enjoyable. A good Spaggie for a rainy day. The intro scene was awesome and the movie moved along at a decent pace. The score and the directing however, were both flat and uninspired. Steffen and Wolff are for my money always reliable and enjoyable. 3 stars for me.

Has the Minerva one got English options? I’ve currently got the Ce’st la vie one.

Yeah english dub, I posted the screenshot on the previous page

Better than I expected, this one, judging from other reviews, although I think Klimovsky is usually pretty good. Thought it is certainly worth a watch, not a throwaway. Better than some other Steffen films at any rate.

Good review, watched the movie yesterday.

Like Alberto De Martino’s Django Shoots First, released two months earlier, Some Dollars for Django was retitled to cash in on the success (and notoriety) of Corbucci’s landmark movie Django.

Wasn’t Pochi dollari per Django released before Django spara per primo? “Censura” for León Klimovsky’s film: August 24, 1966 (release date: September 9, 1966); “censura” for Alberto De Martino’s movie: October 21, 1966 (release date: October 28, 1966).

I guess you’re right then.
I’ll check and if necessary will change the info