Some Dollars for Django / Pochi dollari per Django / Alambradas de violencia (Enzo G. Castellari / León Klimovsky, 1966)

A good effort although i don’t think it has many spaghetti elements except for the opening scene which was probably the best of the movie.
I also liked Carlo Savina’s score, a quite memorable one. It’s not anything mindblowing as a whole, but at least the plot will keep your interest at a good level up until the end. I haven’t seen all of Steffen’s spaghettis, but this is surely among his better ones as far as his acting goes (i’m not a big Steffen fan mind you). One thing i didn’t like was that Django’s character appears to be significantly different in the end of the movie from the one we see in the beginning, the whole transformation (well, if it was an intentional one) wasn’t directed very well imo. Average to bad dubbing unfortunately. 6.5-7/10

PS: If i remember correctly the title on the screen was Pochi dollari per Diango and not Django, my copy has italian audio with greek subtitles

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Yes, the 1st scene was the best part of the film.

The rest is only routine and quickly forgotten.

Is this one made in 1966 ?, as heading of this topic says 1970.

You’re right, year corrected

I’m not a Steffen fan,too.But this is a simple and good western,it’s in my top 5 of him.
The opening scene with Django on the mule is really easy to remember 8)

Just watched this film last night for the first time and I was sure let down. I thought it would be at least half decent, but it surely wasn’t. This is very far from spaghetti except for the “first scene” mentioned in previous posts, which truly is the only decent part of the movie. I fealt like should be watching a John Wayne movie or even Little House on the Prairie (which is something I would never do.) I only stuck around for Frank Wolff as I don’t care much for Anthony Steffen either, but he couldn’t save the film. “Some Dollars for Django” not only has nothing to do with Django, but that title has absolutely nothing to do with the movie, unless I missed something… it was about a war between cattle people and farm people. It’s not the worst spaghetti western, but it’s not good by any means.

It really is one of those early SWs lurking somewhere on the threshold between US westerns and Italian ones. Maybe Ringo is the best example for SWs of that period.

I like it, cause I always like Steffen films. You know what you get in those flicks. And of course here we got this heart warming story around Wolff and his daughter.

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Almost all the Spaghetti westerns with the name “Django” inserted into the title had almost nothing to do with the original. I think the word “Django” is simply like a brand name like Coke, or a character like Robin Hood, where different interpretations can be made.

Yea, it has simply something to do with adverstising.
"Watch the latest Django! Now even more blood!"
Something like that.

Haha, yeah, I’m aware of that… what I meant to say was that, on a whole(!!!,) no one was really trying to get money for anything as it was more about a land dispute. Maybe it should have been “Some Land for Django” … Django being the farmers and cattlemen :slight_smile:

Now that would have been a blockbuster-title!

Didn´t find any Django here… a tedious effort in my opinion!

Another early example that straddles the line between American westerns and the more stylish SW’s. Nothing particularly special, unless you count the rainbow during the opening credits ::), still reasonably enjoyable. This would probably double up nicely with the better RINGO: FACE OF REVENGE, as they both star Steffen and have a somewhat similar feel to them. It’s a shame the disc doesn’t have English subs, as this is one where the Italian dub sounds much more natural than the English dub.

Fun Factor - 4/10

I like this one.

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Me too!

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C’est la vie DVD

Minerva DVD

Re viewed this one as not viewed a Steffen western in a while and missing the small hats. Short film, with some nice bursts of action. Like it when the judge is counting a load of cash in front of Steffen, and Steffen is not very interested which makes a change. Viewed the Cultcine dvd r which has a slightly more cleaned up english audio track compared to the Minerva release.

Is the Minerva dvd uncut? I remember vaguely something mentioning missing scenes… not sure though.

I believe the C’est la vie DVD is cut, but the Minerva is not. As it has a couple scenes subtitled, though i suppose it could still be cut.

Spaghetti Monkey is right the C’est la Vie DVD is cut, but the Minerva one is supposed to be uncut.

This is a very average film for me. My favorite sequence is the opening bit with Steffen in a poncho. After that, the film sort of got boring for me.
Nice music, though!