What Do you smoke?

Myself I smoke Swisher Sweets, Sometimes I might smoke Marlboros.

what about pot? LOL

Got to love a good Cigar but its usually just my “cough cough” pack and half a day of coffin nails.


I hate smoking. I find it absolutely disgusting and is a major turnoff for me. And the smell makes me want to vomit. That’s why I avoid it like the Plague.

Good food is better than cigarettes :wink:

I smoke cigarettes. That’s it…

I gave up my 30 a day habit about 5 years ago. All that money I used to spend on ciggies can now be spent on SW dvd’s and beer!

All y’all can probably guess my smoking habits !?

[quote=“Cian, post:7, topic:339”]I gave up my 30 a day habit about 5 years ago. All that money I used to spend on ciggies can now be spent on SW dvd’s and beer![/quote] ;D

… and I’m told a liver transplant is easier than a lung transplant!!!

I only smoke heroin once a week in the weekend. its very relaxing and not so addictive as people think. Im smoking now for 4 years and still can handle it. you just relax and ly on the sofa the whole weekend under a blanket.
before i use to smoke base but that went to hard… ;D

You got that right Silvanito !!! El Ind(i)o is a smoker just as I like 'em !!!

Remy (Warren Oates) has a similar smoking scene also including a flashback in ‘Barquero’ !!! It’s the guy on the left side of the picture. Unfortunately I don’t have a better one !!!

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Is this legal in germany?

And another thing; why don’t anybody smoke sw cigars? :wink:

Of course not, unfortunately !!! I think a blunt rolled the right way looks exactly like Clint Eastwood’s cigars and tastes even better !!!

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I’ve never tried pot(or any drugs) but do you think that they will legalize pot? I heard on the news they made It legal to smoke pot In LA only In houses, so I think Its on the way to be leagal maybe world wide what do you think?

I don’t think they’ll legalize it !!! I would like to see that happen of course ! Haven’t heard of what they are doin’ in LA. If this is really true, it would surprise me.

Are you sure you have never tried any kind of drug ??? Alcohol for instance is one of the worst drugs, thousands of people die of it every year !!! Coffien is a drug and so is Nicotine. Most people are not aware of this because those are legal drugs !!!

I do not approve any kind of drug abuse !!! The dosis alone makes a thing a poison or medicine (Paracelsus) !!!

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a little bit of drugs never hurtes anybody! drugs are our friends, just like that nuclair power is our friend. thanks to drugs I can see lovely collers the whole day long!

I’ve never done any illegal drugs.

hmmmmmm… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
But Cigarets I don`t smoke any more.