Silver Saddle / Sella d’argento (Lucio Fulci, 1978)

I just picked up the German Blu-ray and was so disappointed with the waxy DNR picture. Until about 30 mins in, I found the 2nd version in the extras…. Which looks WAY better. It saved the Blu-ray for me. Pretty good film too, 6/10 for me.

I wonder what the difference betwen the versions is… need to pop that thing in myself.

It is as trouble_jw wrote:
Main version is heavily filtered (“DNR massacre”) but in the extra section theres is the same film version but not filtered. I think everyone prefers the not filtered version :wink:

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What a weird choice

Surprised this one hasn’t seen a stateside release yet seeing as how it was one of the first SW’s to reach blu-ray in the first place.

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Yes, Grinder exactly.

I can only imagine they thought, with it being an early HD Blu-ray transfer, they would try and make it look “modern”, grain free and sharp. But doing so takes so much away from the film. Some people like that kinda thing. Not me though, give me grain and depth anyway.
There is no difference with the cut/edit between the 2 versions, just the transfer.

The movie is a lot better than I remembered, upon fresh rewatching. Yes there are some issues, but overall it’s a very solid effort I though

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