Silver Saddle / Sella d’argento (Lucio Fulci, 1978)

One of the last great SW. The Look is in some ways similiar to Michele Lupo’s CALIFORNIA but SILVER SADDLE is a more entertaining and light movie. Instead of Fulci’s other Movies SILVER SADDLE isn’t full of gore and blood. Gemma is 1978 still in a good shape and he shows that in some Action Scenes. The Story with all his episodes and characters is mainly the highlight of the Movie. I liked his sidekick 2 Strikes Snake played by Geoffrey Lewis as a nice opposite to the sinister Hero. I also liked the music but it was somehow a bit too slow. Overall a nice and beautiful last Western of Fulci.

What I didn’t liked was the terrible DVD of BEST ENTERTAINMENT (This name is a joke by itself). On the cover are severals specials and an alternate italian track are mentioned. None of them is on the DVD. The quality looks like taken from a Video Tape with all the artifacts. At least it was a very cheap DVD (1,99) but it isn’t worth more than 1 Euro. >:(

8/10 for me. Liked it, even if it had one of those child characters, i don’t like in SWs. Fulci direction, Gemma, nice atmosphere make this worth seeing. I have to admit i hated the music. This one needs a decent english-friendly DVD release.

The child element is a bit on the annoying side at times, but I do like the Geoffrey Lewis character and a shame his voice was dubbed by another actor in the english dub.

Interesting that Lewis started to work with Eastwood a fair bit when he starred in his first Spaghetti (My Name Is Nobody) and was still starring in Eastwood films when he made Silver Saddle.

I looked on IMDB and he seems to be a very busy actor. :smiley:

In the german dubbed version the child has a squeaky voice. Sounds similiar to a typical voice of an animated TV Show (maybe Sindbad?) but I’m not quite sure.

I quite like this Fulci western, i’'d go as far to say i probably find it more enjoyable than FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE.

I’ve even got the score on cd, i love that cheesy song ;D

Silver Saddle is great… Fulci really knows how to do action scenes, the story works well with nice little touches of comedy and emotion… I think the movie will gain alot of fans if it ever gets released properly in english.

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I have been talking about this one in the four of the apocalypse forum. How much of a differnece is it between this one and four of te apocalypse?

They are both totally different westerns, Four of the apocalypse is a much darker film, Silver Saddle… how can i put it… it’s more of a happy enjoyable sort of western.

How old was Gemma when he did this film? On some of the covers for VHS tapes and such he looks kind of crusty.

39-40, he was born in 1938, he will actually be 70 years old in a few days time, september 2nd.

Happy birthday Giuliano ;D

Hey, has anybody made suggestions to Sebastian about some sort of dedication to Gemma’s work since he is about to star a neww decade of life? If nobody has, we should.

After seeing your post he may well do. good idea Korano

Good film, usually I hate westerns with kids but this time the brat didn’t spoil it completely. I like the theme song too.

I would love to see an English friendly DVD for this one.

Has anyone picked up the Koch Media release? Being a big Gemma fan I was wondering if it was worth seeing as Koch does a solid job on their DVDs.

After having read Sebs review (in german) it seems to be a really good release (what else - it´s Koch Media).

Audio: German/ Italian/ English - but the DVD-Extras (Interviews with Fabio Frizzi and Bruno Micheli in Italian language) do only have german subtitles…

Cool my German isn’t the best but I’ll try and read his review.

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I only have Silver Saddle as a part of a cheap Gemma Edition. So I have to buy the new Koch…

Never saw this one before, but pre-ordered it at amazon Germany. I´m still waiting for the delivery as the DVD should be released TODAY…

I’ll keep on buying my Kochs in a real life store! I think, I descriced this procedure somewhere else…