Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead / Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo (Giuseppe Vari, 1971)

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Yesterday I watched some Kinski stuff on Youtube, some interviews and some fights wiht Herzog. Very entertaining stuff! I especially like his remark that all movies he was in are horrible.

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For the other people who were in them


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[quote=“Dillinger, post:19, topic:460”]I think here we got one of Kinski’s best SW-performances. He shows the wide range of his abilities as an actor. I like the movie very much.
It’s not the big asskickin’ western, no duster, it’s more a kind of chamber-western. But I like that.[/quote]hambWetern. I think you might bon to something Dillinger. Please elaporate. I have an idea but what exctly is a chamber western?

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I mean, it’s almost like a drama. There’s this reduced set, mostly the one room, it’s all about the tension between the characters. In German we got the term “Kammerspiel”, in English it’s intimate play. This is a play in an intimate setting with only a few actors on stage and no much fuzz about decoration and effects.
And that’s really what this movie is like.

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Ah and by the way, what does this mean:

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Its my dislexic keyboard fuckin’ up again and me not noticing.

What is says is “chamber western. I think you might be on to something…”

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Yea I got one of these keyboard with my other pc.
Why do we use such crap without replacing it?
Do we spend all our bucks on that spaghetti shit?

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good questions. None of which I know the answer. Except the last one which is yes ;D

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sad but true…

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one more thing:

Great review of yours!

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thank you!

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[quote=“Dillinger, post:28, topic:460”]Yea I got one of these keyboard with my other pc.
Why do we use such crap without replacing it?
Do we spend all our bucks on that spaghetti shit?[/quote]

More cash for the spaghetti stuff ;).

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I thought this one was okay. Not one of the best, but certainly far from the worst. The best sequence in the film for me was when Kinski thought he was going to have a sexual encounter with the arrogant, self centered female only to have her insult him and then he sends his gang in to have their way with her while he sits on guard outside. The ending was pretty good, too. Some nicely done suspense scenes, but the film fails to be a traditional style italian western, but it would appear that was not the directors intention. The title belongs to a SW that does, though.

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Maybe the director’s intention was saving money by filming most of the movie insinde this house.

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I appreciated the first half with all the scenes in the station. Maybe it’s a reference to another western or movie but for me it reminded me on Key Largo with Humphrey Bogart. This part was very interesting and atmospheric to me. The actors and actress were also good enough. The best was of course Klaus Kinski with a fine performance between maniac and laconic. Next to Kinski I found the acting of all the good looking ladies enjoyable but wasn’t impressed by Sullivan who gave a solid performance as typical mysterious stranger.

For me the second half wasn’t as good as the part in the station. It’s not the first western with hostages and a mysterious stranger who seems to help the bandits. What I found a bit annoying was the look of the so called desert: the gravel pit. I never liked quicksand scenes and there is terrible in it. It’s not the fault of director Vari because he did everything what is possible with that budget but gravel pit as desert looked too cheesy and cheap to me. The Final had some good ideas and I really liked that as well as the strange sounds for the score.

With little budget Vari created an interesting but slow paced SW. It was made 1971 so maybe he tried to do something unusual. Though, I understand if someone bashes this movie. It’s one of the movie you like for reasons others wouldn’t like it. I was curious about it because Q.T. and some others had it in their top 20 lists and it’s one of the few SW with Klaus Kinski in a leading role. BTW Korano wrote a good review about it. I watched the Koch Media Release which of course had a good quality. 4/5 :slight_smile:

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I love this movie, and it is very similar to KEY LARGO now that you mention it. The first time i saw it i thought of PETRIFIED FOREST with Bogie also.

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I don’t know if I havealready said this, Spaghetti Monkey but…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!? :-* I thought that nobody could possibly love this one as much as me but I gues not.

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Just finished watching this. I enjoyed it a lot… A slow burner - in a good way.
I’m actually very surprised that most opinions about it are quite negative.

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Except my opinion of it. Cause whenever I see a good write up about it I piss my pants. ;D