Share your favorite Spaghetti Western cliches

Hot chicks get left behind by the hero at the end of the movie.

The hero gets his shit kicked in.


Hero gets a warning from a friend by a subtle eye contact that there are hidden bandits all around, he turns 180 and shoots them all. :grin:


How I imagine the conversation went when people were writing SW scripts:

-What should we name our protagonist/other central character?
-I don’t know. We want an American name for him.
-How about… Johnny?
-Yes, Johnny! That’s the perfect name!

Johnny Ringo (Ringo and His Golden Pistol), Johnny (Garringo), Johnny Hamilton (Johnny Hamlet), Johnny Ashley (Seven Dollars on the Red), Johnny Dannon (Dead Men Don’t Count), Johnny Yuma… The list goes on and on

Conclusion: Many SW characters are called Johnny


Joe also.

Joe in Fistful, Navajo Joe, Nevada Joe, Aquasanta Joe, Shanghai Joe, are there more Joes? :grin:


Apocalypse Joe :face_holding_back_tears:


There is often a duel between two main characters who disliked each other till the end of the movie but it is always interrupted for some reason and they eventually become friends.

And vice versa. :upside_down_face:


When the main protagonist goes to a barber then one or more of the following happens:

1.) The barber or a person who pretends to be a barber wants to kill him
2.) The main protagonist gets shaved but has to aim at the barber with his revolver
3.) The main protagonist does not get shaved
4.) The barber gets shot by the maing protagonist.

Have you noticed that being a barber in a SW is way more risky than being a bartender? :smiley:


I’m sure bartenders wielding a knife close to someone’s throat live a life just as dangerous as barbers. :wink:


The service industries are fraught with danger in the Sw world … I bet the barber who curly permed Jack Palance in ‘The Mercenary’ had to die also !!! … or the asshole who cut ‘Beauregard Bennett’s’ fringe.



Dynamite Joe

New batch. :joy:

  1. Every SW has the worst designed prisons and terrible prison-guards so anyone can easily escape. Every other prison has a window to the street to make it easier to escape.

  2. Towns also have the worst protocols for the executions so anyone can be easily saved already with a rope around his neck and just by a single person.

  3. Once someone shoots during an execution a panic breaks out and everyone forgets there was any execution. Thanks to the panic the prisoner can escape.

  4. Despite having many armed guys around the gallows none of them neither shoot nor ever hit anybody.


Don’t know if it belongs here because I’ve seen it only in two movies, but I’m gonna say it anyway. It’s making me angry :joy:

Every time Franco Nero and Alberto Dell’Acqua play a duo (brothers or friends who seem like brothers), Alberto’s character dies


I would sho

Alberto Dell’Acqua dies pretty much in every SW. :grin: