Shadow of Sartana … Shadow of Your Death / Passa Sartana … è l’ombra della tua morte (Demofilo Fidani, 1969)

Does anyone have a copy of Autephex’s good quality fan dub they would be willing to trade/sell? Thanks.

I have copy of this movie

That must be Demofilo Fidani himself, if I’m not mistaken… :slight_smile:

Yep I would agree.

What other Spaghetti director would make a cameo in a western with blue shades?

Oh wow, I had no idea… thanks for correcting me with the proper screens! :slight_smile:

Was not sure whether had viewed this before, but upon hearing the familar music the director uses and the constant horse riding I had. The director acts in this and looks like he predicts the 70’s with his style of sunglasses. Jeff Cameron who wears a name tag with his name just in case anybody forgets. When people here his name they always seem surprised. Not really much of a plot so to speak, as we have to have time for lots of horse riding. Shame Dean Stratford died so soon as he usually makes me laugh alot. Intense mud fight near the end of the film. Well this director and his view of the West always provides me with some enjoyment.

only the title worth it…_Shadow_of_Your_Death_Review

Well, that was not as brutal a review as I expected :wink:

Simonetta is definitely one of the best features to Fidani westerns…

It’s by no means a masterpiece, but somehow I enjoyed myself. My expectations were low, of course. Apart from all this, there’s no need to be offensive, it’s a harmless little movie, nobody thinks it’s a great work of art.

One of his ‘better’ works,somehow liked it also.

Nice looking new fandub over at CG:

Very nice print this new fandub and in synch! Our man is on the job in this one as he rides on his horse again and again :smiley: . In fact lots of horse riding. Jeff likes to keep well known by wearing a name tag around his neck aswell. Was really in the mood for this type of western tonight…great stuff :slight_smile: .

Anybody have a DVD+R to trade?

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