Seven Pistols for a Massacre / 7 pistole per un massacro (Mario Caiano, 1967)

I watched this movie one hour ago on the german DVD Release by starmedia (never heard before). It is a typical spaghetti western, where revenge plays a big role. Will Flaherty was in prison for 3 years. Then he got away to find the man who brought hin unguilty in there. And so on…
It’s a nice movie with Piero Lulli, Craig Hill and Giulia Rubini. It seems there are some cuts, but the DVD is uncut.

To the movie: It is well done and nice to watch. Maybe it is not the best western, but it makes fun to watch it. Actually, there is nothing more to say, because it is an average spaghetti western.

BTW: The DVD Release is horrible. Bad sound and picture quality. No extras. Only german sound. But for 5 € it doesn’t matter.

Does anybody of you have ever seen this movie? What do you think about it?

I have it with the title “ADIOS HOMBRE” and to be honest I don´t remember much about so it was probably very average ;D

Yeah, “adios hombre” is the alternative title of that movie. Like you said, only average.

But I think the fight in the saloon with the dancing girls is a great one. The bad guys argue with eachother, who’ll get a girl. 2 guys for 1 girl. Kinda funny.

held it in hands a few times, never dared to buy :slight_smile:

Is it? I thougt it was a Zapata Western…

No Zapata elements here, just a solid action/revenge Western with a good cast and adequate direction.

I really liked this one. Very low budget and without surprices, but not a dull moment. Also on the plus side are dancing girls having a fistfight with the banditgang, who can say no to something like that?

I like it,too.
There’s a very dense atmosphere,because the whole plot plays in and around the saloon.
Craig Hill is cool and Ede Fajardo is a good badman,like everytime.

I watched this one a couple of days ago. As Seb wrote here few years ago,

Eventually I bought is and I liked it. OK, the image is quite poor and some scenes are like (as Kessler calls scenes like that) “der Kampf der Neger im Tunnel”. Nevertheless it has a great cast, especially the baddie-panel is way above average. Hill is good as well.

In the beginning the story reminded me of “Die Hard” with Hill in a city occupied by bandidos.

BTW a 1:1 adaptation of Die Hard would be a great western…

Get Carpenter to direct and we’ve got a winner 8)

Very average SW, and otherwise it is entertaining.
While there are not surprises, but ok, there are worse things.
The cast is great: Craig Hill, Piero Lulli, Eduardo Fajardo, Nello Pazzafini, Spartaco Conversi, Roberto Camardiel, Jacques Herlin. The story is a bit like “The Greatest Kidnapping in the West”. The music by Francesco de Masi is good, but some parts are less successful.

But I agree with Lode: The German Starmedia DVD is terrible. The image quality is cruel. Every VHS tape has a better quality. The pictures have very little color. Many image jumps.

Some screenshots:

Ha ha - I don’t know what you are complaining about. :wink:
The image quality is better than my English language version. Compare…

And I’m still not complaining - I have loads worse than this. ;D

Supposed to be getting a better version of this next week. Will post some screens if the quality is any good.

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:12, topic:135”]Ha ha - I don’t know what you are complaining about. :wink:
The image quality is better than my English language version.
And I’m still not complaining - I have loads worse than this. ;D[/quote]

Maybe I’ve become too demanding. :wink:
But I also worse in my collection. :smiley:

But this is a DVD version. But ok. If we are honest. We are glad for any Spaghetti Western that we can see. :wink:

Is it a Fandub and source is the new French Seven 7 DVD?

Think it is a fandub yes, but not sure of the dvd source print. Will let you know when I receive.

Very serious song is sung in the saloon, bit to heavy for a Spaghetti. Some of the score tracks would be more suitable in a gothic horror film. Eduardo Fajardo lookes suitably crazy most of the time. Hill is a bit bland. To much time is spent in the town, and a few to many night scenes for me. Saloon fight broke the pace a little for me. However, alot of good elements here though to keep you watching and the time passes fast. Viewed a Spanish print dubbed into English. Few screens:

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Nice picture quality.
And I agree with you, the saloon fight broke the pace… and is very terrible. :wink:

We have many screenshots of the various versions of this film.
Here are screenshots of the new French Seven7 DVD.
Thanks to a Japanese SW fan. :wink:

Haven’t seen the movie, but this shot is very similar to another classic shot in the Craig Hill SW I WANT HIM DEAD.

You’re right, there is a similar scene. But both films are not comparable. Both have a different story.
For me, “I WANT HIM DEAD” is the better film. :wink: