Seven Guns for the MacGregors / 7 pistole per i MacGregor (Franco Giraldi, 1966)

1 star from me, this film look’s a lot like a magnificent seven clone ???
boring all the time…

Thanks everyone…I tried again, got through another 20 minutes or so…just going to watch in spurts…i notice the heavy’s voice is the same as Ramon/Indio in the Dollar films…interesting and jarring at the same time!

I just started watching my RHV DVD and I’m frustrated with the English dub. You hear the gunshots too late, as well as the dialogue. Are all copies like this or is mine broken?

I’m glad it didn’t stay like that for the rest of the film. Apparently it’s not just my copy:

After watching it twice, I would rate it 2.5/5. I want to give it 3/5 but I’m still undecided. I’m going to contradict myself and say that it’s both entertaining and annoying. I suppose it depends on the mood.

Yes the audio is out of synch for a bit, but there is a fan version where this has been corrected. Recently viewed the film myself, and enjoyable stuff especially with all the old dudes.

The film could’ve had serious consequences for the genre

From my review:

The script is very lively and eventful, still the film has mainly become famous for two great scenes: the knife fight on a waterwheel, and a truly exciting train assault. It is during this train assault that Fernando Sancho nearly lost his head (and we one of the most colourful villains of the genre). Shot near Guadix, Sancho climbed on the train the moment it passed the iron bridge present in a lot of movies shot in the area (1). The scene was used for the movie and is a bit painful to watch, even if you know Sancho wasn’t hurt. Still the production wasn’t completely safeguarded from accidents: both Manuel Zarzo and Alberto Dell’Acqua broke several ribs but were forced to carry on due to the tight working scheme.

Review here:

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Robert Woods also had a nasty accident while shooting that Water wheel scene and damaged his spine. He mentions it in the interview I did with him a few years back.

The interview is here:

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It’s definitely entertaining. I’ll most likely watch it again.

I thought this was decent light-hearted stuff. It’s a shame about the out of sync Ripley audio.

Robert Woods definitely got shafted when it comes to the availability of his Westerns, especially in English.

Ya gotta love this guy :joy:

Yeah, he is a pretty funny bloke, too bad he isn’t around here anymore.

Anything which isn’t a Sartana movie is shite!!


Trust me, it’s not.

Well I don’t know, I have rather fond memories of him, wasn’t he like a friendlier version of SD basically? I remember him being more amusing than genuinely annoying, but maybe my memory fails me.

His posts seemed moronic but entertaining.

Wasn’t that the same guy? Unless I’m getting mixed up (always a possibility).

No, no. Different guy.

Ah, ok. My bad

Another review on my rebooted blog for this one.

It’s by no means a great film but it’s quite fun in these stir crazy lock down days.

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