Seven Guns for the MacGregors / 7 pistole per i MacGregor (Franco Giraldi, 1966)

Ah, ok. My bad

Another review on my rebooted blog for this one.

It’s by no means a great film but it’s quite fun in these stir crazy lock down days.

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I really want to see this one. The Tartan on the poster alone sells it for me on curiosity alone. But it sounds great!
Do you know the reasons behind choosing the very Scottish name?

It’s about a family of Scots in the west. 7 MacGregor brothers and 4 oldies who ride into a fight playing the bagpipes! Only the oldies still have Scottish accents in the English dub of the film.

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Spanish, Italian and Argentinian actors dubbed by Americans attempting Scots accents !
Very enjoyable adventure romp - high spirited and great looking production value too.

My family is of Scottish descent. It sounds like the only Spag that I could get my Dad to watch!

Well he could maybe try the sequel too. 7 Women for the MacGregors

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I hope my slight Robert Woods bias isn’t affecting my opinion on this but I think this incredibly underrated. The set pieces in this are just awesome. The old folks defending horse thieves with a cannon, a huge barfight complete with some crazy acrobatics, a train heist, a huge Scottish vs Mexican fight and with a waterwheel knife fight as the cherry on top. Not to mention that its all accompanied by a pretty great Morricone score. The MacGregors themselves are all great, they riff off each other really well and the best moments of the film were when they were all together and fighting as brothers.

Are any of the sequels any good or are they just below-average cash-ins?

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There is only one sequel, 7 Women for the MacGregors, and that is despite being Woodless pretty similar.

With a VPN into Spain, one can watch this (in Spanish) at RTVE

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