Seven from Texas - Dorado Films

It will end up having cost me something like $65. Definitely not worth it.

But I will just try to remember all the packages that did go through customs unharmed and maybe that will make the pain go away :slight_smile:

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In acouple of years ebay prices of this release will still make you thank yourself for buying it :wink:

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You are probably right. Unless Koch Media cooks up a simply fantastic release in a year :slight_smile:

Still the Danish import fee is a pain. I can see that you complain about the Swedish one which is less than half of the Danish one :slight_smile:

But I’ve got a question: Do all of the stuff you buy from outside the EU get caught in customs or only select packages? In Denmark all packages with a value of less than 10 euro just passes through but I know that that value is 0 euro in Sweden, so in theory all of your packages should be hit!?

" 0 euro in Sweden, so in theory all of your packages should be hit!"

As I understand it at least sometimes when you buy directly from Amazon (as I recall, and/or Ebay?) they can charge a fee corresponding to the Swedish VAT and in those cases you have already paid for importing the goods when they enter Sweden. But maybe most often you here probably don’t pay anything (even if shipping costs usually exceed the costs of the DVD/Bluray !) to the bureaurats :slight_smile:

It’s packages from outside EU I’m talking about. Things you buy from (for now at least), .de, it. etc. will of course not be a problem. Nor will any other purchase from within the EU. I’m talking about stuff you buy from the States for example that doesn’t have VAT paid upfront. All those packages should be hit and fined but they aren’t ?

Yes I know, but I have been charged a corresponding fee by the seller, so it should have been from outside EU. I probably have ordered around or more than half of my DVD/Blurays from outside EU, and maybe 10-20 % of those have been “cought” by customs with a LOW VAT and severel times higher administration fee.

Thanks for the answer. So 1 or 2 in 10 packages get caught. Could be worse.

The whole EU will implement the same 0 euro boundary in 2021 as far as I’ve heard. Hopefully the Danish import fee will be lowered then or else my collecting days are probably over :slight_smile:

A short off-topic comment :wink: :
@Soren: I am pretty sure that SEVEN FROM TEXAS will not be released by Koch in the next years and probably never. They will take care about their exisiting licenses starting probably not before 2020 with the new series.

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From my experiance, everything that I’ve ordered from US - Ebay or Amazon have I had to pay import charges for.

Were these always charged by Swedish customs directly to you and thus delaying all packages, ?

No I didn’t think the chance was very big that they would :slight_smile: Hopefully no one will ever re-release it and the release will be worh a billion euro in 10 years :slight_smile:

Look forward to be seeing more from Koch Media though.

Yikes. That is very bad news.

Exactly. It takes around 10-12 days for the package to come to Sweden, and after that they send it to customs where it lay around for a good while before they put a new tracking on it and send you a letter with the paying details for the import. After you’ve paid it takes about 1 week.

If you wan’t to buy import titles like Wild East go to - That’s the best way to go

Importing into the EU is free of VAT up to €22.00 and free of import duty up to €150 - shipping cost is included in the customs valuation.
Having to pay VAT/Duty is a bit random - depending on who ships and whether customs flag the item. Sometimes it is paid by the shipper upfront and added to the cost - I have also been charged by the postal service at delivery.

I commend all, for your patience and dedication - What hassle just to see a couple of old B’ movies! :smiley:
Ok, I’d love a copy also … but I’ll wait until all the fuss dies down, and read some reviews first.

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… is the correct answer here. I too applaud the efforts of those of you who have gone through the process for this film and I appreciate - sort-of - the argument in favour of supporting these smaller projects in the hope of enabling more/better things down the line but, really! I’ve never seen Seven From Texas but it would need to be the greatest movie ever committed to film for all this ballyhoo brouhaha.

Just arrived - what a wait🤠


Corsario? What’s that, a pirate film they put out? I got the extra Django Shoots First DVD (which I didn’t need since I already own it), but not that

I ordered mine at the end of 2017. I haven’t received any updates. I sent them a message, which they read and also ignored.

This is a Spanish production with Robert Woods - May look at it some time.

Django shoots first was in the back of the main disc.