Seven from Texas - Dorado Films

Not totally naive though :slight_smile: The release is now actually in physical existance and not just hot air anymore.

When you have waited 1½ years a couple of weeks off for this deadline is really still within an acceptable margin.

Ordered a copy of this myself off Dorado’s website, nearly had buyers remorse when that printing error happened, but glad I waited it out. Got this in my email bin last Tuesday or Wednesday

We have recieved confirmation the new replacement cover art will be arriving this Thursday, shipping will commence on Friday.

Thank you again for your patience


It sounds like you ordered this recently? And you got a mail you say?

I ordered it something like 1 1/2 years ago and haven’t received any such mail.

Can see on Facebook they have started or are starting shipping. Wonder how flawless this process is going to be. If anybody in here gets a shipping mail please drop a note saying so.

Well. Just checked with Dorado and my order hs already been packaged so all is well.

Look forward to finally receiving this :slight_smile:

I had to dig through my email to double check I still had my current address used. I’ll hit them up as well and make sure my shipment is all good too.

Ordered it in early May. I saw on Dorado’s Facebook page it was $30, and for all the goodies included I figured that plus $4 shipping was a fair price.

I ordered this blu-ray 30th october 2017… I have no new emails from Dorado films.

Lol. You missed out on waiting 1 1/2 years for it then :slight_smile: Ordered and paid for mine in 2017 :slight_smile:

Actually, I thought it had sold out in the original pre-order with so many SW aficionados, and everybody was just waiting a long time to get it. Was pleasantly surprised to learn they still had some copies left to sell. :grin:

Lol. They sold nearly none im the preorder. It was below 200 so the release was in danger of not being done at all. You got a copy just at the right time it seems. Avoiding all the pain and heartache :slight_smile:

I have received an e-mail, which has a tracking code and it says that the blu-ray has left Portland.

Speaking too soon. Now my package has been stopped in customs so am probably looking at an extra bill of something like $30 to get it released. So turning out to be a major delayed and incredible expensive release for me :slight_smile:

I got a notice today from Swedish customs regarding another SW, VAT of SEK 16 (that close to the ridiculous sum of USD 1.7) for the purchase causing an extra delay in distribution by some 3-4 working days. But on top of that I got an extra administration fee of SEK 75 or aound USD 8.
It is probably the less intelligent politicians that are responsible, and I understand even more know if a SW anti-hero might take revenge of some corresponding idiocracy…

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LOL. I would kill for an import fee of 75 SEK :slight_smile: The Danish import fee is 160 DKR which is nearly 230 SEK. And the VAT is extra of course. The first import fee in some time though so will have to survive it, but it’s just a bummer that Dorado probably wrote the full amount on the envelope or at least a value higher than 10 euro. A bad day just got worse. Oh well.

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I didn’t get any updates whatsoever about mine. Just sent them a message.

You are not the only one - I have received no email!
The latest plan was that Dorado would ship on Monday/Tuesday last week.

So, from preordering a little over 19 months ago to the point we’re at now (where, at least, it looks as though you ARE finally going to get it), how much do you estimate you’ll have paid, all in? Blu-ray, shipping, import fees, everything?

I suffer with you! Det är helt förjävligt. Köpte en Wild East från ebay för 40 dollar för en månad sen, Postnord hittade inte förändelsen och bad mig öppna ett reklamationsfall. I måndags fick jag en räkning på 175:- för att få varan hem från tullen (där den legat i 3 veckor, orörd)… Inte nog med att det är hög moms och dyr hanteringsavgift - kronan är dessutom otroligt svag.

Oj, oj, det är ju löjligt knäppt oförskämt byråkratiskt ! - might be translated by google or the like :wink: