Seven from Texas - Dorado Films

(Søren) #81

And here 10 days later no more info has been supplied. Probably lost in the post. Or their dog ate all copies.

Either way they still take the price for worst communicators in the business. Can’t imagine how they could have done worse. They seem to insist on keep making the same mistakes repeatedly.

(Sebastian) #82

An “update”

(Søren) #83

Yeah. Just a few more weeks. Again.

I’m obviously one of the ‘impatient’ pre-buyers they mention. And I’m really not. I just do not like being foddered with bullshit information.

Even if this ever appears I’m seriously worried about the quality of it. It taking forever doesn’t equal super quality sadly.

(Sundance) #84

(Søren) #85

Lol. Yes 6 weeks later we seem to be even longer from a shipment date. Maybe 2020 will be the lucky year.


Holy shit.

(Søren) #87

Had a ‘chat’ with Rick from Dorado Films who explained all the problems they have had. Didn’t get any projected release date from him but there is some good news. Because of the long wait they are including an extra dvd with their Seven from Texas release containing a new scan of 100.000 dollar for Lassiter:,_La

It may end up in HD on the same disc as The Seven from Texas (my hope) if the costs of that venture doesn’t ruin all but expect a dvd.

(Sebastian) #88

If they’d finally be able to announcr and confirm and list pre-orders the SWDb would help promote it to make sure it sells… but they know that :slight_smile:

(Søren) #89

Yes. I mentioned this thread to Rick urging him to throw some updates there and he said that he didn’t know it even existed. Apparently it was his son, Micah, no longer in the company, that was active here briefly.

(Jonny Powers) #90

I would love a rundown of the issues concerning the release and what’s holding it up now.

(Sundance) #91

What happened to the discs that were shipped to them in December?

(Søren) #92

Have no idea. I’ve urged Rick to write in here so let’s see if he does.

(Sebastian) #93

Oh Mica is no longer there? Oh man :wink:

(Sebastian) #94

Oh… an update


At least you can get a refund.

(Søren) #96

Call me naive but I actually think the deadlines are going to stick this time. It sounds very much like they’ve got their shit together. Finally :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #97

It lives!

(Søren) #98

Yeah :slight_smile: Had a feeling this was a deadline that wasn’t DOA. Hope the Franco release is equally bound for a soon release.


So Hell has finally frozen over I see.

(Sundance) #100